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Discussion in 'Half Mast / Half Staff' started by eknudsen, Aug 27, 2010.

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    We have common flags on small steel poles typically displayed hanging at 45 degree angle off the sidewall of a house. We install 6 of them on a trellis system in the entry to our housing development on flag days. Question is, how do you make a flag go half mast or staff?? on one of those small poles? Or do you? I think we can simply slide it down 1 foot from the end, but not sure that would make sense to any onlooker as the pole really isn't that obvious. Just want to be respectful and do it right, or not fly them at all on that day. Thanks
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    Hello, eknudsen -- welcome!

    Flags fixed on small staffs like that are not normally half-staffed. There's nothing disrespectful about flying them the normal way on 9-11 or other days when the flag code calls for half-staffing. To show respect for the 9-11 victims (or whoever else is being honored by half-staffing), you can attach a black streamer to the top of the staff. I've seen this done in many places and it is both simple and effective.

    In some other countries, mourning is shown by attaching a black ribbon to the flag itself, but this is not generally done in the USA and (arguably) would violate the flag code.

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