Act of Congress

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    I heard years ago...
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    Act of President

    Actually, the president and the governor are the ones who declare when flags should be flown at half-staff. The president calls for flags to be lowered nationwide, while the governor can have flags lowered in his or her own state when a local figure dies.

    Flags are lowered as a sign of respect, usually when a current or former government official or other great individual dies. According to the United States code dealing with display of the flag, there are certain officials whose death is always marked by a lowering of the flag for a certain period of time, such as:

    Current of former president, 30 days
    Current or former vice president, chief justice of the United States or Speaker of the house, 10 days
    Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, Secretary of an executive or military department (cabinet members), or governor of a state or territory, from the time of death until burial
    Members of Congress, day of death and following day

    Other than that it is up to the president or the governor to instruct the nation how flags should be flown.

    There are also two annual occasions when flags should be flown half-staff; Memorial Day and Peace Officers Memorial Day (May 15). On Memorial Day, the flag should be raised all the way to the top of the pole then lowered to half-staff and kept there until noon. It can be raised for the rest of the day.

    You should always raise the flag to the full height of the poll before lowering it to half-staff. You do not need to raise it again before lowering it to take the flag down for the night.

    I hope this helps!


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