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    We've just had an exchange in the "US Flag Display" section about advertising in the forum. I've closed that thread and moved the discussion here since it deals with the forum itself rather than flag display.

    Since I've been administering the forum, we have never had clear-cut guidelines about advertising. My policy has been that occasional posts about flag-related products are OK, since they are information that might be of interest to forum members. We've had many cases in which advertisers tried to put multiple versions of the same post in different threads, or to advertise things that have nothing to do with flags, or to post the same stuff over and over. I've deleted these and, where necessary, banned the posters so that they can't post again.

    Flagsconnections' post that started this discussion was, in my opinion, borderline. It did involve flag-related products and asked for input, but upon further review I agree with csaanv that it probably crossed the line. Its purpose was clearly not to provide information about new or interesting products, but simply to draw traffic to someone's site.

    For now, I propose that we continue the existing policy: Occasional informational posts about flag-related products are OK, but anything beyond that will be considered spam and treated as such. If you notice a post that you think is questionable, let me know by private message or email. I try to review all new posts at least once a day, but sometimes other things invervene. Please try to avoid getting into a back-and-forth discussion with the poster. I'll do that offline if necessary.

    With respect to paid advertising: I do not have any direct control over this, as I'm just the administrator. However, I have discussed this subject with Ross Ford, who is the owner of the site. His take is that he will consider paid advertising from US-based companies. If flagconnections or anyone else would like to discuss this further, let me know by private message or email and I'll put you in touch with Ross.

    Comments welcome, as always!

    Best to all,

    Peter Ansoff
    Forum Admin

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