Age of Flags with Gromets and Machine Made

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    Early flags with gromets, hand stitched...
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    Age of flags with grommets

    Hi Tom...we've certainly come a long way! It used to be that some flags had a rope sewn to the bunting without a heading, while others had a canvas heading with the rope sewn in. Still others had hand worked grommets sewn in like button holes. Some were made from metal, some out of leather. It wasn't until the Civil War that metal grommets as we know them came into use. Metal grommets made out of steel were used by 1880. Almost all flags made after 1890 were made of brass. Except for a brass shortage during WWII, flags continue to be made using brass. With the invention of the sewing machine in 1841, flags went from the tedious task of hand stitching to machine work. Until the early part of the 20th century, the stripes were sewn by machine and the stars by hand. It wasn't until the late 20th century that flags went over to being totally made by machine. By 1920 it was commonplace for all flags to be mechanized.
  3. i have alot of flags and i have a variety of different things on them use for the hanging of them

    i have a flag witch is printed polyester (5x3 foot)and to each end of the heading has been sewn 2 lengths of ribbon, that can be tied round the flagpole and knotted

    i have another polyester printed flag (3x2 ft) and to each end of that heading is a lopped piece of ribbon with a D shaped piece of plastic inside so the flag can be hooked presumably to a horizontal pole

    i have a cotton bunting flag all embroidered (15x10 ft) this flag has thick rope going all the way through the heading to each end were there is a steel piece for attaching to the ropes on the flagpole

    i have a embroidered nylon fringed flag (5x3 ft) which the header is not white but plain blue and red and white stripes, the same colors as the canton and stripes next to it, and the flagpole goes up inside of the header right the way to the top and there is a small loop of material at each end of the flag, witch gets the flagpole screws thru it and screwed to the brass flagpole- (witch has a base and an eagle)

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