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    :mad: I was outraged today to see our American Flag displayed wrong on the tail section of a U.S.A.F., C-17, at Robins AFB, GA. The aircraft was newly painted and on the tail section was a white stripe with the word ELMENDORF and then the ALASKAN State Flag. About two feet below and to the left was the American Flag. I questioned the Paint shop supervisor about their unfortunate mistake, but he said it was NO mistake. The Alaskan Air Command and the Dept of the Air Force are the ones who approved this change.
    This is wrong and needs to be changed. Over 4000 young men and women have died for their country and many thousands before them.
    When will our Government stop crapping on the PEOPLE??? We need to contact our congressmen and women and let them know what is happening. :mad:
    DO IT NOW!!!!!
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    The attached photo shows what JB is talking about. This is the tail of a C-17 from Elmendorf AFB. The dark blue parallelogram behind the word "Elmendorf" is actually an Alaska state flag -- the gold stars are barely visible in the photo. In this closeup, you can see where the old markings were before they were painted out.

    Obviously, whoever designed this scheme intended the state flag motif to be part of the Elmendorf "logo" at the top of the fin. He/she probably didn't think about the fact that it would put the state flag above the "fin flash" US flag.

    In retrospect, this was probably not the best arrangement. However, I'm certain that it was an honest mistake, and that no disrespect was intended to our servicepeople.

    Peter Ansoff

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    Your Dumb and caused the US Govt. to spend more money on irrelevant crap to repaint all the tailstripes on our elmendorf birds. I serve proudly in the military and thought this was completely ridicoulous. It is not even the actual Alaska flag, its shaped to form a rhombus so as to not form a flag. You are part of the reason this country is going down the economic toilet.
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    You sure picked an appropriate user name!
  5. lol he sure did
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    You are geniouses!;)
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    Um . . . Thanks . . . I think!

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