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    My employer is redesigning the stick-on labels that go on the machines they build, and the CEO wants to add a "Made in America" line (which I'm OK with) and an image of the American flag. I've been tasked with digging up some images online, and the whole idea of putting the flag on the labels doesn't strike me as in the best of taste, especially when we make a profit on the machines. If we want to evoke America, I'd feel more comfortable with an eagle or the Statue of Liberty. ~25 years ago I saw an Australian-made computer peripheral that had a "Made in Australia" sticker with an image of a boomerang, but that was a boomerang, not the Australian flag.

    At the end of the day it's the CEO's call, but what do you think?
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    but what do you think?

    Actually, I can't see any real problem with it. American flag images are used to symbolize "made in USA" in many contexts. I even own several foreign national flags that have small American flags printed on the hoist to show that the flag was manufactured in the USA.

    As I mentioned earlier in another post, I've always been surprised that people don't get upset about the use of flags on postage stamps. Stamps are *intended* to be disfigured by cancellations.

    Peter Ansoff
  3. i dont see a problem with using a flag to indiicate country of origin... i see differnt flags on all sorts of things for that purpose.
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    We dont see anything wrong in your MD idea.Carry on.

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