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    I have been collecting books about flags for over 40 years and have come across a few duplicates of some items that I thought Forum members may find of interest.


    The following books, flag charts, and ephemera are duplicates from my personal collection offered for sale or trade to fellow vexillologists. All antiquarian items are genuine and from the period noted.. They are listed in chronological order with the flag charts listed first, beginning with a small chart from an atlas circa 1756. Because of size limitations of forum posts, I am only including the title, author, and date info. Please contact me and I will send you the complete description of all items.

    At the end of this listing is a small selection of patriotic ephemera dating from the late 19th to very early 20th centuries.

    I will be at the ICV / NAVA meeting in August of this year and expect to have a table of books available. This mailing is your chance to obtain some of these rare titles before the rest of the world’s vexillologists get to see them.

    Please feel free to contact me through the Forum's private email feature to ask for additional information about any title you are interested in purchasing.

    NAVA members who order more than $100 and pay by check receive a 10% discount. NAVA members may also pay via PayPal, but only a 5% discount applies.

    Flag Charts

    Title: Les Pavillons des Mer du Monde nouvellement corrigés [Flag chart]

    Title: Flags [Flag chart]
    Description: 1790

    Title: [Flag Chart from] Iconographic Encyclopedia of Science, Literature, and Art.
    By: Johann Georg Heck 1851

    Description: Published by Henry Bill. Includes fold-out chart “A Chart of National Flags†measuring 17 x 21 inches is dated 1858 and in excellent condition.

    Title: Johnson’s New Chart of National Emblems
    Description: Johnson, New York City, 1863.

    Title: Flag Plate from Atlas to Accompany "The War of the Rebellion ‑ A Compendium of Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies plate CLXXIII†(Flag plate only.)
    Publisher: by Julius Bien, Washington, DC, 1894.

    Antiquarian Books on Flags

    Title: Flags of Maritime Nations
    United States Navy Bureau of Navigation.
    Description Washington, D.C., 1870.

    Author: U.S. Secretary of Navy
    Description: 1882 Wash, DC,

    Author: James Beale,
    Description: Philadelphia, 1885.

    Title: Battle Flag Day August 10, 1894; Ceremonials Attending the Transfer of the Battle Flags of Iowa Regiments from the Arsenal to the Capitol
    Publisher: Des Moines 1896

    Flags of Maritime Nations 1899
    Author: Department of the Navy
    Description: Washington:

    Title: Journal of American History, Vol. 1 No. l (Inaugural Number, The)
    Editor: Miller, Francis Trevilyan, Includes mint condition “silk memorial flag made by the Cheney Mills of South Manchester, Connecticut.†This 6 5/8 by 9 ¾ inch 45-star flag has been well-preserved in the low-acidity paper used in this magazine.

    Title: Die Flagge. Geschichte der Entwicklung der auf den Kriegs- und Handelsschiffen zur Verwendung kommenden Flaggen unter Berücksichtigung des Gebrauchs von Flaggen zu Signal und Salutzwecken
    (in English: The Flag. History of the evolution of the ensigns flown by war and merchant ships, considering the use of flags for signaling and saluting)
    Author: Rudolf Siegel, Vize-Admiral z.D.
    Dietrich Reimer (Ernst Vohsen) Verlagsbuchhandlung: Berlin
    Language: German (High)
    Edition date: 1912

    Title: Drawings of the Flags in use at the Present Time by Various Nations.
    (Cover Title:â€Flags of All Nations†1916 edition, Illuminated Title Page reads 1915)
    Author: Admiralty, by Authority

    Dettra Flags – Catalog No. 22
    Oaks Montgomery Co., Penna. (1927) Dettra Flag Co., Inc.

    Dettra Flags – Catalog No. 23
    Oaks Montgomery Co., Penna. (1933) Dettra Flag Co., Inc.

    The Artistic motives in the United States Flag
    Chapin, Howard M
    Roger Williams Press, 1930.

    Title: Les Drapeaux des Etats Unis,
    Author: Alfred Rigny
    Description: 1945, in French.

    Title: Our Country’s Flag
    Authors: Georgiady and Romano
    Description: Follett Publishing Company , 1963,

    Title: Voenno-Morski Flagi SSSR (Naval Flags of the USSR)
    Description: Oblong book in Russian. Moscow,1964. Unissued condition illustrating 25+ flags, ensigns, and pennants of the Soviet Navy. $30.00

    Flags and Seals of Maryland and of the United States 1976

    The Battle Flags of the Confederate Army of Tennessee
    Milwaukee Public Museum, Milwaukee, 1976.

    LONG MAY SHE WAVE: A GRAPHIC HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN FLAG Berkeley, California, U.S.A.: Ten Speed Pr, 2001,

    Rare antique flag ephemera (Photos available upon request)[/font]

    Victorian Trade Card Standard Sewing Machine Excellent graphic of soldiers through American history carrying a huge American flag. Dated 1885 3 ¼†x 5 ¼†. Very good condition. $40

    Woven Silk Ribbon for Grover Cleveland’s 1888 presidential campaign. Black and White portrait with RWB American flags and golden eagle on the US Shield. Mint condition. 2 ½†x 4 ¼†$60

    Mint unused paper American Shield with 38 stars and “Welcome†across stripes or 45-star flag Union Jack paper flag. These were folded over a pin/clasp for wearing on a lapel. Used by Civil War veterans and other patriotic organizations in the 1880’s and 1890’s. 1 1/2†x 4†overall. $20 each, $30 for the pair

    Large Die Cut Trade Card. Depicts four children traveling in a balloon flying a 39-star flag featuring 6-pointed stars (probably printed in Europe.) 9 Inches tall. $45

    Mint condition 45-star flag patriotic cover. Flag design is over-all. $15[/font]

    Printed Silk Ribbon 13 Star Flag and a printed image of the USS Maine Spanish American War 1898 Mint condition 1 7/8†x 3 ¾†$45

    Woven silk picture of “Betsy Ross Making the First United States flag.†Produced for sale by the Anderson Brothers silk works of Patterson, New Jersey, for the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair. Very Good condition in original frame and mat. Picture measures 5x8 inches and frame is 10 ½ x 13 ½ inches overall. $150.00

    Matching pair of 46-star Flag Banners for a fraternal organization. Two printed silk flags, each measuring approximately 7 x 10 inches, with board heading topped with an eagle, and multicolor border to each banner. One flag with canton in the upper right, the other with the canton in the upper left. Very good condition. $85

    Three 13-star parade flags printed on cotton muslin with wood stick. Circa 1876 to early 20th Century. Circular pattern of one central star, a ring of 8 stars, plus one star in each corner for a total of 13. Flags measure approx 2x3 inches with a 6 inch stick. Excellent condition $50 for three.

    Booklet “Our Battle Flag – A Patriotic Poem†featuring a colorful graphic of a 46 star us flag. Ca 1908-1912 Excellent condition. $12
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    QUOTE (NAVA1974 - Nick A.) : "I have been collecting books about flags for over 40 years and have come across a few duplicates of some items that I thought Forum members may find of interest."

    A FEW ??? :eek: :D :eek: :D

    Robin Hickman
    Eugene, Oregon, USA
  3. NAVA1974

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    Well, when I see good flag references at a reasonable price I buy them so I can share with fellow vexillologists. While the US Navy's flag books can be called "scarce" they can be found with dilligent searching. The chromo-lithography is just beautiful in those 19th C books.

    the British Admiralty's "Flags of All Nations" are truly rare. The Brits issued their books in 1889, 1907, 1916, 1930, 1955/56, and 1989. Unfortunately, the "centennial" edition of 1989 did not live up to the standards set by its predecessors. Flipping through the pages of the 1916 edition is like a walk back through history. 15 pages of the badges of British colonies alone. Imperial Germany. Tsarist Russia. The elephant flags of Siam. It is quite a treasure.

  4. Robin Hickman

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    Hi, Nick !!!

    I don't know if you've already got this one or not !!!

    FOUND on eBay !!!

    1931 ANNIN & CO. united states FLAG CATALOG w/ extras !


    Up for auction this evening is an estate fresh Antique 1931 ANNIN & CO. united states FLAG CATALOG with extras, plus many Colored pictures and banners of President HOOVER! The catalog is complete with 454 pages, some water stains but the pages are not stuck together. Sold as you see it, Enlarge the photos and zoom in for a closer look! Guaranteed 100% old and authentic!!! NO RESERVE!!. We describe each item as accurately as possible, but please ask all questions before you bidding, all sales final. Because all items are found from estates, they are sold As-Is. Buyer to pay shp/hdlg. Paypal Preferred! . Shipping costs depend on zip code area. I have never had any problems with breakage and pack very carefully.

    Thank You for bidding & GOOD LUCK


    Robin Hickman
    Eugene, Oregon, USA
  5. NAVA1974

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    Re: Antiquarian flag books: Annin Catalog


    That Annin catalog is one of the classic flagmaker's catalogs of the 20th century and should be in the library of every vexillologist.:cool:

    I already have a copy so I won't be bidding on this one. If it weren't water stained :( I might put in a nominal bid and, if I won it, offer it for trade or sale. Even in that condition it is an excellent reference, especially the obscure US flags and the color plates of flags of the world.

    If you are outbid on eBay, you can always go to the Advance Book Exchange and buy a copy on line for $295.00 :eek:

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    Did any of guys get the book?
  7. Robin Hickman

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    It sold for $30.00 (+7.00 S&H). 3 bidders, 6 bids, and the winner was only identified by the eBay "anonymizer" as "g***w(70*)" (approximately).

    I have NO idea who got it!

    Oh, well . . . . . . .

  8. NAVA1974

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    Wasn't me. Though I did put in a bid since the bidding was so ridiculously low...

    Nick A
  9. Robin Hickman

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    Three (3) bidders and g***w(70*) won it. :eek:

    That leaves two (2) non-winning bidders : 1***1(981*) and 4***1(1849*).

    Normally, I'd ask which one Nick is, but judging by the types of items that one of the non-winning bidders has bid on (Collectibles > Flags & Pennants, etc.) my guess is 4***1(1849*) !!! :D :D

    Am I right? Am I right??? :D

  10. NAVA1974

    NAVA1974 Active Member


    You said "Normally, I'd ask which one Nick is..."


    Be Vewwy, vewwy quiet. :cool:

    I'm hunting vexiwowogy! :D

    Nick A
    Columbia MD
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  12. Well, Nick, have you found out anything more on the 48 gold starred American flag? I would sure like to know if you found out anything for sure about the history. Please...
  13. NAVA1974

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    Hello Maggiebankston,

    I notice you also posted at

    As you can see in the earlier posts on that thread, the "gold" stars are just white stars that have discolored over time. They were never intended to be gold stars, they just aged to a golden-brown color. And while doing so, as you noted, they caused discoloration of the white stripes that they were pressing against while folded for so many years.

    In 40+ years of studying and collecting American flags I have never found anything to substantiate 48-star internment flags being made with gold stars. What IS known is that Service Flags that normally have one or more blue stars on a white rectangle with red border, ARE MODIFIED WITH A GOLD STAR covering the blue star when the warfighter is killed in action. USA flags with "gold" stars have never been issued as casket flags.

    Also, during the 1800's the US Army used gold stars on its silk Regimental Standards and cavalry guidons. Why? Because those flags of silk had the stars painted on, and everyone knows that silver tarnishes to black over time. Black stars on a blue field do not show up, but gold stars remain golden forever.

    What is also known is that white stars ON OTHER FLAGS of the World War II era have been known to turn golden brown over the period of a half-century.

    Nick A
  14. csaanv

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    Hi maggiebankston,
    I have to concur with my friend, Nick. I have been collecting 48 star flags for about 25 years and even had a naval ensign with a single "gold" or really it was a tan star among the other 47 stars which tells me that it came from a batch of inferior or treated cotton. Like Nick said most people are confused when people are talking about the special Service Flag with a real gold star (and not tan).

    Screen shot 2011-08-30 at 8.25.42 AM.png
    images by Rick Wyatt
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