Antique, tatteredflag as restaurant decor?

Discussion in 'US Flag Display' started by littlesandusky, Oct 15, 2012.

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    I recently visited a restaurant that had a very large (10'x20'), very old looking, and very tattered flag covering one of the walls as part of the decor. It had many holes that were unmended, had been cut short width-wise, and was only partially unfurled, with the bottom portion piled on top of a set of shelves. My immediate impulse was to call the manager or fire off an email to the owners. But I wondered if this was truly antique flag, is it okay to display it in this shape. Should it be destroyed, or at least displayed unfurled with a plaque describing its history and how it came to its current condition, and why is it not restored.

    Thanks for any comments or advice.
  2. NAVA1974

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    Thanks for your question, and Welcome to the USA Flag Forum.
    You bring up a good question. If the flag had fewer than 50 stars, then I would have no objection to it being displayed as a historic relic, even though it may be unfit for flying from a pole. The fact that the lower end of the flag is not free to hang may be an issue, but let's face it - how may restaurants have 20-foot high ceilings? If the overall display situation of the flag appears to be respectful, then I think posting a description of the flag and its history, age, where it was used or from whom it was obtained, would be an appropriate move for the restaurant owner.

    If it was a 50 star flag that is just being displyed as "shabby chic" then I would raise a fuss. Unless that flag was flown from a particularly historic place, or for a noteworthy special occasion, then I would suggest the flag be retired and a new one hung in its place (one that would fit!)

    Nick A.
    Columbia Maryland
  3. Christopher

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    I agree, as long as it is displayed respectfully. But, I'm all for the restaurant replacing the large flags with a flag that can displayed correctly.

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