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    A few weeks ago I read "Seam Team Six" and was very impressed, it reminded me of the everyday sacrifice that so many Americans make so that we can live at home in peace. I am a bit ashamed to say I have never served my country but feel extremely thankful that we have young men and women that are willing to put their life on the life to protect our freedom.

    I am motivated to do something for my country. With this in mind, I created the Patriot Beer Koozie (see Fearless Patriot - Home ). $1 from every sale will go The Wounded Warrior Project. Full costs me about $3 to make each one and I will sell them for $7-$9...hoping to keep a few dollars as a way to make some money in this economy.

    I would be very thankful if you would take a money to pass my website along to anyone you think may be interested in the product. Also, please excuse the unprofessional look of my site...I am trying to do this on my own and save money...

    Thank you.

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