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    For those who have not seen it yet, the latest issue of "Flag Bulletin" (Issue 230) is devoted entirely to an article by Annie Platoff on the use of flags in the US manned space program. It's full of interesting information for space historians and collectors.

    One of the many topics covered in the article is the use of "flown flags" -- that is, flags that are carried aboard missions and then used as presentation pieces, etc. Flown flags were not common on the early missions, but became a major program on the shuttles. For example, mission STS-105, which flew on the "Discovery" in 2001, carried over 1500 flags and banners, including the following 4" x 6" flags: 322 US flags, 2 sets of flags for U.S. states and territories; 3 sets of flags for UN members; 5 Russian flags; 5 Ukranian flags, 6 Texas flags; 1 set of Russian territorial flags; 22 California flags, 2 Georgia (state) flags ; 2 Hawaii flags; 5 Virginia flags; 5 Massachusetts flags; 2 Vermont flags, 1 Delaware flag; 20 each US Air Force, Army, Marine Corps, Navy and Coast Guard flags, 10 Alabama Flags, 100 Discovery (orbiter) flags and 100 International Space Station Flags.

    "Flag Bulletin" is availalable from the Flag Research Center, Flag Research Center»Dr. Whitney Smith's Flag Research Center - Authoritative information on state, national and international flags.

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