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    I am writing this email because I am a student looking for people, producers, or companies of American flags that would be willing to donate flags for the purpose of my pursuit of displaying them as a part of a body of work that I am currently in the process of. I am a senior painting major at the Maine college of art, as well as a local artist in the Portland area; and am currently forming a body of work that involves themes of politics, nationalism, patriotism, and international relations. I have very carefully chosen to work with the American flag to convey these things, as I feel that it is it’s honor to exemplify all of these things, as well as serve as a symbol of the unity, freedom, and history of our country, and our privilege to be able to view it and fly it.
    Since the beginning of my fascination with the flag began, I have fully explored it’s history. I am not sure that it is very widely known to the public of what the actual symbolism means, for example that the colors are each symbols: the red for the blood of the English ex-patriots who broke off from England in the Revolutionary War, the Blue with white stars for heaven and God above us, and the white for peace. I have thoroughly researched its making, how it has changed design over the years, and how they are made today. I have fully explored all codes and regulations that I was able involving the American flag. My research also extends to how the flag has been presented in our society, how it is seen by the people, what kind of context it has in different situations, and what sort of function it has in relation to different people and cultures. I have realized that many in other cultures, as well as our own, view it as a negative image.
    The artwork that I have made includes paintings of a representational style that explore the relationships of our flag and these different situations, and the effect it has on the emotions of such corresponding people. It was originally intended to instill such emotions such as pride, belonging, and a sense of identity. It should be a reminder of our history, the country’s history, and that which is beautiful and worth fighting for about where we live.
    I feel that it is time to reinvent and revive the image of our flag. My art will not only serve to reinstate and restore once again a positive outlook on our very own stars and stripes. I feel that that by reserving the red white and blue for certain occasions and holidays eventually causes the meaning to become lost. If we incorporated them in our lives, instead of treating them like just a decoration, then people would really be able to notice them, think about what they really mean, and they would own once again their proper sentimental value. My intention is to put these flags on display in a public setting as a conceptual installation art piece about pride and nationalism, and I invite anybody who shares my interest in restoring societal value and positive image to the American flag by donating one of your American flags to my important cause.
    Included is my resume, which has a link to my website for more details on my artwork, as well as my personal information. If there are any questions about my intentions or art practice, I welcome anybody to contact me. I hope that this can at least be at the very least an opportunity to think about the same subjects that I am considering in my own practice, if not to support a local artist trying to generate a something positive for the public and her community. It is because I care about my country that I wish to give back that which I can contribute. Finally, as a New Hampshire native, I conclude with “Live free or dieâ€￾. Thank you very much for listening, I would really appreciate any help that people would be able to give if they know where I may be able to obtain flags, or if anyone is able to donate themselves. Thanks again!
    Valerie M. Couch
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    You said "Included is my resume, which has a link to my website"
    Where is that information to be found? I did not see it in your post, nor attached to it. By the way, I am all in favor of the use of the Flag in art, and personally favor art that demonstrates respect for the flag.
    Oh, one more thing. There is no symbolism behind the colors in the United States flag. No US flag law or resolution ever indicated what the red, white, and blue stand for. These colors were identified with certain meanings in the shield of the Great Seal of the United States, however.
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    Thanks for the reply! I am delighted to have gotten support from people! I'm still not really sure on how all this works, it is very new to me. sorry about the resume, I must have not done something correctly.
    Also, while the color symbolism is specifically not sited as having significance, I feel that it does have relevance in our contemporary society. It would be against the very principals of what the flag stands for to insert something like an attachment to heaven in writing. However, there are numerous articles citing specific people and events that have refered to the flag colors in this way; which in turn is something that I choose to support because whether in writing or not, if that is the understanding to and from the people, than that is what it becomes. For example, the color that most know as 'purple' does not actually exist. in technical terms, it is violet, purple was an adaptaion that came later. So while there is no such thing, if the color is being identified as purple, then it is purple, despite there being no such thing.
    I greatly appreciate any offer of information, comment, sources that I should look at that you have a preference to, books sites, well as any help that anyone may be able to offer on help with my gathering and collecting.

    thanks again, hope to hear from you and anyone else that has something to offer (which I know everyone does!)

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    I hope this works, it should be the resume that did not follow my last message...

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