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    I went to my first auction last night. They had a couple of nice flags in their auction preview. Being new to flags I brought along $300.00. The first flag was a 38 star parade flag that appeared to be in good condition. It sold for $130.00. I did not bid as I did not want to spend half my money on the first flag I've ever seen at a live auction. Hindsight is 20-20. The next flag was this 34 star great star pattern flag.
    [​IMG] Everything looked good, from all the research I've been doing. All hand stitched stars. I grab my bidder number. Showtime. Opening bid $600.00. I should have bid on that first flag racing through my head, flag sells for $2000.00. I bid on a 45 star flag, but stopped at $130.00 that went for $180.00. All in all no flag but still a great experience. 24 hours late still wish I went for that first flag.

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    Looks huge. What were its measurements? Where was it?
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    Auction was at Briggs auction in Boothwynne Pa. I did not physically measure the flag, but was rough estimate 4' x 6'.

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