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    That's sort of right. If you can imagine a flag being carried in battle, it would be flowing back over the shoulder of the soldier who was carrying it, which would mean if you were on the right side of the soldier, you'd see the blue union (where the stars are) at the top right instead of the top left.

    This is meant to signify forward motion as if hurrying into battle. The flag is always "backward" (the Army calls it the "reverse side flag") on the right shoulder. It doesn't have anything to do with currently being in a state of war.

    This is addressed in Army regulation 670-1.

    Thanks for asking!

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    Sara's reference to the flag "flowing back" applies to flags painted on vehicles as well - the canton is always towards the front.
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    So why was it flying the correct way in every other war?:confused:
    This new War seems to be new phenomenon to have have the Americon flag backwards....
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    If what your saying is true, than why has the flag not been displayed in this fashion in any other war that America have been involved in and an exception is made for the "War on Terror"?:confused:

    If it was displayed upside down it would be seen as a distress signal, the fact that it now flys backwards signifies to me that there is something wrong with displaying it as it's normally seen, backwards is anti-thesis of something...
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    I watched a PBS broadcast about the Bad Voodoo boys in Iraq just last week and noticed, for the first time, the backwards flag. Most intriguing. My wife works at the VA medical center in the Bronx. I'll ask her to keep an eye out for this on uniforms though most people there don't wear uniforms being vets.
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    Hi, Paul,

    As pointed out elsewhere in the forum, those flags are not really backwards. The flag code says that the union should be to the viewer's left when a flag is displayed flat against a wall -- it does not specify the orientation for flag patches on uniforms. Military regs are clear that the union should be on the viewer's right when the patch is on the right sleeve (which is the correct place for it, at least according to Army regs).

    Many people don't realize that the flag code does not apply to the military to begin with. Chapter 5 of the code makes this clear:

    The following codification of existing rules and customs pertaining to the display and use of the flag of the United States of America is established for the use of such civilians or civilian groups or organizations as may not be required to conform with regulations promulgated by one or more executive departments of the Government of the United States.

    Even if the flag code did say that flag patches should have the union to the viewer's left (which it doesn't), this would not affect the military's uniform regulations.

    Peter Ansoff
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    Found this
    Demoralization as means of psychological warfare[edit]

    American Revolutionary War leaflet attempting to demoralize enemy by showing distinctions between quality of life of fighting forces.
    In an environment in which two belligerents compete, the chances of success greatly diminish if those whose actions are necessary don’t have faith in the justness of the cause or its chance for success, are discouraged, morally defeated, disconsolate, uncooperative, sullen, inattentive, or lazy.[6] Demoralization can be used to lessen the chances of success for an opponent by fostering these attitudes, and can generally be done in one of two ways: demoralization through objective conditions or demoralization through perception.[7] Demoralization through objective conditions most commonly takes the form of a military defeat on the battlefield that has tangible consequences directly resulting in the indicators of a demoralized party, though it can also result from an adverse physical environment where basic needs go unmet.[8] Demoralization through perception, however, is the most commonly referred to means of demoralization even though its operation and results, like political warfare and psychological warfare in general, are the most difficult to gauge.[9] This is the form of demoralization that is referred to as a tool of psychological warfare, and it is most commonly implemented through various forms of propaganda.[10] Propaganda as a tool of demoralization refers to influencing opinion through significant symbols, through means such as rumors, stories, pictures, reports, and other means of social communication.[11] Other means of political and psychological warfare – such as deception, disinformation, agents of influence, or forgeries - may also be used to destroy morale through psychological means so that a belligerent starts questioning the validity of their beliefs and actions.[12]

    Means of strategic demoralization[edit]

    While demoralization may use propaganda, deception, disinformation, agents of influence, forgeries, or any other political warfare tool in isolation to accomplish its ends, a strategic demoralization effort will use more than one of these means as determined by its target and will not limit itself to the strict limits of attacking another belligerent’s morale.[13] A strategic demoralization campaign will navigate what Harold D. Lasswell describes as roughly three avenues of implementation: divert the hatred normally directed towards the enemy, thereby denying a unified outlet of frustration; sow seeds of self-doubt (classic demoralization); and provide a new focus of hatred and frustration.[14] A strategic demoralization campaign should tailor its strategy to the specific target and situation.[15]
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    Only in America will you get court marshaled for not displaying your country's flag backwards on your uniform!! How backward is that? Display it correctly and stop demoralizing your OWN FLAG. Flags and patches are two different things. Think about the meaning of a backwards flag. You like that?? Representing your country under the guise of a stiff wind? Stand up for what's right and open your mind to being what a real American is like. Name calling and sit talking is a common defense when someone can't argue rationally, they revert to primal instincts like anger instead of facts.
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    Today I learned that a person will look at a backwards flag patch, sticker or painting of a flag on a vehicle and say it is not backwards but blowing in the wind. What a brain dead way of thinking. America, the only country where you'll be court-martialed for not wearing your country's flag backwards.
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    Gotta love this guy. He's right, and everybody else is wrong, including whole the US Army. Talk about a brain dead way of thinking!
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    Thanks for the love-
    The patch is backwards. It's facing the opposite way that it should be. You mean to tell me just because the Army gives you a story of a flag blowing in the wind and a regulation number that that's ok with you? You're justifying displaying your country's colors backwards with a wind story? Going into battle? Yeah I know that story about knowing which way to charge but on a patch and stickers everywhere now--with the backwards flag? Come on. If you want to be patriotic and I mean a real Patriot, refuse this backwards patch/sticker atrocity that is showing up everywhere now --leads to demeaning the flag and sends it on a slow decline of destruction opposite of what America used to stand for. It's pathetic when people get tricked into believing something that is a never ending paradox or catch 22. It's trickery or doublethink.
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