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  1. 13Stars

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    My 6th great grandfather Isreal Pickens fought at the Battle of Cowpens under his 1st cousin Gen.Andrew Pickens and I would like to see a photo of the real Cowpens Flag.
    I've search the web and I gave up, they say it's in the State House in Annapolis, MD.
    I know the reprodutions has a circle of 13 stars with a star in the middle.

  2. NAVA1974

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    Here is a pic from the July 1959 National Geographic Magazine showing the so-called Cowpens flag. See page 40 of 80 in the PDF of Grace Cooper's "Thirteen Star Flags - Keys to Identification" where she equates the "Cowpens Flag" to a Mexican War era flag of similar construction:

    Cowpens 004.jpg

    Maryland subsequently took the flag off display and has placed it in the state archives.

    I have a similar flag of wool bunting that dates from the Civil War era:

    You can see it, and my other 13-star flags, on Flickr:
    13 Star Flags - a set on Flickr
  3. 13Stars

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    Thanks Nick for the great information and the photo of it, I got to see the real flag at last !
    Seem like every time I would type in "Photo of the real Cowpens Flag" on Goggle, I would get copies of the flag.

    You have a very nice flag collection, I wish I had some old flags, all of mine are reprodutions.
    I also have the Battle of Guilford Courthouse Flag, which has it's own look.
  4. NAVA1974

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    You are welcome! :)

    Thank you very much.:p

    Did you see Mrs.Cooper's explanation of why she thought the Guilford Courthouse flag was actually from the War of 1812 era? :confused:

    It is discussed in that Smithsonian publication I linked in my earlier message.

  5. csaanv

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    You are absolutely correct in pointing out Mrs. Cooper's explanation why the GC flag was not a relic of that battle however in her paper in the Pennsylvania Capitol Preservation Committee Flag Symposium proceedings she goes into further detail about the flag and a drum that was believed to be a relic of the battle or at least of that period. On the drum among other things military there is a flag painted on it with the same color arrangement as the GC flag, Blue stars, white canton and blue and red stripes. Note upper right of drum. GCHflagr.jpg

    I guess my point is while this flag may not be an actual relic of the battle I believe it is possible that the pattern may have existed and been used during the Revolution among the North Carolina milita. I have personal attachment to this flag and drum as I grew up near the battlefield and spent many hours walking over it.
  6. csaanv

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    In this same paper Mrs. Cooper also seems to question the Cowpens flag as a relic of that battle as well.
  7. 13Stars

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    Hey CSAANV,

    I use to live near the Guildford Courthouse Battlefield also, about 20 min. away, me and a buddy of mine use to go jogging on their paved walking paths every weekend when I lived up there, I'm about a hour drive away now.
    It's a very nice historical park, with all of the statues and they have a nice museum.
    I believe they had the flag during the battle from my point of view, nobody really know's, we were not there, so how do we know for sure.
    But, it's a nice design, diffrent from most of the Revolutionary War flags.

    Nice Drum Photo, first time I've ever seen that before, with the flag on it, Nice !
  8. csaanv

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    Yes, Greensboro is a great place. I love going there. Here is a rare photo of the GC flag.
  9. 13Stars

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    Nice Photo of the Guildford Courthouse Flag!

    Thanks !

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