Bennington Flag--Manufactured by Valley Forge

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    I recently came across an exceptionally nice Bennington style U.S. flag (3x5 cotton with embroidered stars & '76).
    The label states it was manufactured by the Valley Forge Flag Company --- Spring City, Pa. and is marked "Challenger".

    Anyone have an idea of how to date a flag such as this?

    Note: The person I got it from really had no clue to it's age but he believed it may have been manufactured around the time of our bicentennial (1976).
    It doesn't appear to have ever been flown.
  2. gary_traverss

    gary_traverss New Member

    I contacted the customer service rep at Valley Forge Flags the other day and they have been very helpful by providing me with some additional info on this flag. They wrote:

    "Thank you for your interest in, and patronage of, Valley Forge Flag and our products. Since Valley Forge Flag Company does not add any date to a flag when it is manufactured, there is no way determine just how old a flag is. We can let you know, however, our Spring City, Pennsylvania plant was closed in 1991, so your flag was manufactured prior to 1991. If you would like you can, however, visit the “Dealer Searchâ€￾ section of our website,, for a listing of commercial flag dealers in your state, who can help you obtain your requested item.

    Thank you.
    Valley Forge Flag Customer Service"
  3. oh nice!! Useful information to know , as I too have some Valley forge spring city flags :D

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