Bulldog...dettras...48 stars (that are stiched onto the flag) 4x6 please tell me more about this!

Discussion in 'Flag Identification and Collecting' started by Red67lemans326, Jul 6, 2010.

  1. Red67lemans326

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    acquired a flag, Don't really know anything about it...it's 4x6.
    Did a little research on this forum...Would very much like to know where it was made.......WHEN it was made...how much it's worth (i'm not going to get rid of it...)
    I got this flag in may at a junk sale gathering in New York, I was there for my first time ever performing in Carnegie Hall.
    bought it for 20 bucks...i knew it was older because the stars are stitched on...i didn't have a problem paying 20 for it.

    If anyone can tell me more about it, please send me private messages so i get e-mail alerts...you can post replys as well so others can see...

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  2. coasterville

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    Well to get you started - the Bulldog means its a cotton flag, but you rpobably figured that out. Dettra is no longer in business, they were acquired by Annin (which also uses the Bulldog name for their cotton flag line).

    And that's where I'll hand the baton off to someone with more experience...
  3. csaanv

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    Coasterville is quite correct about Bulldog being a brand of cotton bunting that Dettra marketed under their name for many years before they were recently bought out by Aninn. Judging from the style of the Dettra logo on the hoist of the flag I would put it post WWII to late 1950's. Because it is all sewn I would say you got a nice flag for twenty bucks. I have seen these sell for higher on ebay.
  4. NAVA1974

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    Dettra began using Bulldog cotton bunting in 1911 and continuted through the end of the 48-star era, so that isn't much help in dating the flag. The Bulldog logo is also old. I would guess the flag was made in the 1940's or 50's, but the value wouldn't change much even if you had a way to prove it was made in the 20's,

    You got the flag for a decent price.

  5. yep a nice flag there! I have one very similer, and I paid about the same amount for it

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