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    First, yes, I am still alive and collecting flags. I know it seems like forever since I have posted here, but I have started following the FOTW Facebook group. I may have also let my domain registration lapse, so my flag site went down with that ship.

    Anyway, I am still watching eBay like a hawk for great flag deals, and I recently acquired a flag lot (14 pieces), mainly of wool/cotton all-sewn construction. (That is where I have been focusing my efforts lately, sewn panel flags, as to me they represent a fading era of when there was a craftsmanship in flag making not just entering a flag number on a large format fabric printer.

    Anyway, this recent lot of international flags, I'd say the vast majority were made by Bunker Hill Flag of Cambridge, MA. I can't seem to find anything on that company, not for lack of trying, but I just can't seem to get the right search terms. Whatever I try, Google seems to think I want to know about the Bunker Hill Flag.

    Anyone have any information on Bunker Hill Flag Co, like dates of operation or any interesting tidbits?

    If I get energetic, I'll put the photos in a Flickr Set and follow up this post with the link. They are really well made flags, still mostly in good condition. (The white panels of course show the most aging)

    A couple months ago, I obtained another flag lot at a price that was so low I am almost embarassed, again sewn panel flags of various makes and materials. (A mix of Valley Forge, Annin, US Flag and Signal in that group) , maybe the most unique thing about those flags is in the header. Its a real heavy canvas header, but its not just a flat header, its like a double header, so you could also use it as a pole sleeve. On each end of the header is the expected leather tab, and two grommets, so you can get the halyard (or clips) through both layers of header. (I've got a pic of that as well), this probably wouldn't work well with the flag rings that have become common today in residential use.
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    Hi, David!

    Long See, No Time!

    I'm also a member of the Facebook FOTW Group.

    Sorry, I can't help you in your quest for information on the "Bunker Hill Flag" of Cambridge, Massachusetts.

    Have you tried the "Wayback Machine" on
    https://archive.org/ ??? Their webcrawlers might have archived your old website, or at least parts of it.

    Good Luck!

    Robin Hickman
    Eugene, Oregon, USA.

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    Thanks, I have the entire site on my hard drive, its just that you can't get to it there. I just haven't really seen a need to reactivate it..

    Most of the pics are on my Flickr anyway.

    Speaking of here is a Flickr set of the new acquisitions, including one of that unusual header arangement,

  4. Robin Hickman

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    Hi, David!

    NICE Flag collection!

    REALLY Nice!!!

    Robin Hickman
    Eugene, Oregon, USA.
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    Tell me what you think. I'm considering making a Facebook album wok my flag collection along with a whole "fun with flags" series of posts to introduce and document them. I figure it's too elementary for the FOTW group (unless I feel I have something truly special).

    I'd be happy to add you as a Facebook friend so you can enjoy the postings.
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    Hi, Dave!

    Sure, no problem!

    Were/are you planning on creating the photo album on your own "Dave" page, or are you planning on creating a "Coasterville" (alias) page?

    I am also a member of two other "Flags" groups on Facebook : "Flags and Vexillology" and "Flag Collection and Exchange".

    I post and comment on the FOTW page fairly regularly and on the Flags & Vexillology page semi-regularly.

    I think that most of the members of ALL three groups would appreciate your sharing pictures of your Flag Collection!

    Facebook "Flags & Vexillology" : https://www.facebook.com/groups/navagroup/

    Facebook "Flag Collection and Exchange" : https://www.facebook.com/groups/183832491659153/

    Facebook "Sheldon Cooper's Fun with Flags" : https://www.facebook.com/Sheldon-Coopers-Fun-with-Flags-363679543645588/timeline/

    Have Fun !!!

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    Thanks for posting the pics, David. That star-less Cameroon flag is especially scarce.

    Nick Artimovich

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