Burial Ceramony?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Flag Discussion' started by dsher63, Oct 8, 2009.

  1. dsher63

    dsher63 New Member

    My husband and I are going to respectfully burn and bury and old tattered flag today that we have now replaced. Does anyone know of a ceramony that we should use?:confused:
  2. NAVA1974

    NAVA1974 Active Member

    Some organizations have developed ceremonies for burning worn flags but none are sanctioned by the United States Flag Code. Indeed, the code used to say the flag should be burned, preferably in private. However Boy Scouts, veterans organizations, and the like wanted to use the occasion to instill patriotism, etc., so they developed ceremonies involving historical readings, poetry, prayers, cutting the flag into pieces, and so on.

    None of that is necessary or really desirable. A simple 'campfire' would be more dignified than throwing the flag into a burning trash heap, of course, but the keyword is simple.

  3. dsher63

    dsher63 New Member

    Thanks Nick. I looked up some ceremonies and came up w/ a very simple version of a respectful ceremony. Have a blessed day

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