Burial flag, fact or fiction.

Discussion in 'Flag Identification and Collecting' started by Tcruz, Jan 28, 2017.

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    recently my grandfather passed away, he was a veteran. He had a flag hanging in a case about 30 yrs ago. I believe it was his fathers burial flag. We found a flag in my grandfathers room, not in a case, my uncle believes it is my grandfathers brothers burial flag. My Aunt believes that there was 1 burial flag given to the family and each veteran that passed after the first used the same flag. Is this the case? At my grandfathers recent funeral the family received a new flag, I was told we weren't able to use the old burial flag.
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    Each veteran who dies gets a new flag, if they request one. You request one through the funeral home.

    You can do whatever you want in terms of what you use. There are no laws governing that. It's your family and these are your things.

    That said, I have never heard of anyone re-using a burial flag. You typically don't bury it, so it's just folded up and presented to the family. Using it again is kind of a nice idea, actually, though I have never thought of it, whether or not you get a new one.

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