Burning a Nylon Flag

Discussion in 'American Flag Disposal' started by EmailPoster, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. EmailPoster

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    Burning a Nylon Flag...
  2. Willocat

    Willocat Guest

    Contact the Girl Scouts concerning the disposal of your Nylon flag. They have a program that collects Nylon flags and takes them to a special incinerater.

    As to the magnetic flag: I'm not sure. Perhaps someone else on here can offer advice?
  3. flymhigh

    flymhigh New Member

  4. Rockdude_UK

    Rockdude_UK Member

    Diesel should do it. Regular gasoline will just flash when lit. Just a few splashes of diesel should help it burn.
  5. rock dale no!!

    these flags give off toxic fumes when burnt - and if you burn enough of them the fumes will permenanty harm you!!
    shouldent use accelerants in fires its dangerous
  6. paultreacy

    paultreacy New Member

    Wow! Recycling American flags. That's well cool. The official flag code should be adapted to include recycling of old or tarnished flags. Very 21st century, wouldn't you say?
  7. Peter Ansoff

    Peter Ansoff USA Flag Site Admin

    Regular gasoline will just flash when lit

    What is with this "gasoline" stuff? I thought that you folks used "petrol!"

    Peter A.
  8. lmfao- i think we're just been American friendly!

    quite alot of american words are in my vocabulary - and i often use american versions instead of the UK ones - which really annoys my mom!! <<< see!!!
  9. Rockdude_UK

    Rockdude_UK Member

    yep thats why i said gasoline. Just dont breathe the fumes in, and of course you can use diesel, thats how they light celebratery big bonfires, infact here in Britian some people get a propane cylinder, turn it on a crack, light it on the hose then jack it up, get a good 30 feet of flame. Theres no way itl go back into the cylinder as its pressurised, but dont try it because americans have a tendancy of making things go wrong and suing.
  10. ey now - brits are just as good at suing people as americans are!
  11. Rockdude_UK

    Rockdude_UK Member

    I would disagree, lots of things would be laughed out court here
  12. Rockdude_UK

    Rockdude_UK Member

    Besides just bury the flag or bin it, the environments more important and burning plastic isnt good for it
  13. dn't put it in the trash rockdale!! thats bad it gettting put on some landfill site!
  14. Rockdude_UK

    Rockdude_UK Member

    Whats with this "dale" thing. Actually yeah, landfills bad for the environment. I dunno, just do something with it thats not gonna harm the envornnent
  15. im more woried about harming the flag than the enviroment!

    and sorry 4 the misread of ur name i must of not read it correctly
  16. Rockdude_UK

    Rockdude_UK Member

    The environments far more important
  17. nobody666

    nobody666 New Member

    Sorry to respectfully disagree "Tree-Hugger Rockdude" You possibly believe it is okay to use a flag to make a political statement as well. Save the Ozone with an invention to stop methane filled Cows from passing gas and you may really help the environment. The U.S. Flag is what my family members and military friends DIED to protect I don't recall such dedication to the environment.

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