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    I was wondering if this was too political but almost nobody is against buying American. Conservative, liberal, or just tired of everything falling apart after a week, every American has a reason to buy American.
    Some people are concerned about the decline of the manufacturing sector here.
    On either end of the spectrum, there are people concerned about the fuel it takes to ship their goods from southeast Asia, whether because of all the greenhouse gases that creates, or because of the fact that the fuel tends to come from countries that are not exactly friendly to the US.
    Some people are concerned about inhumane manufacturing practices, and others just want better quality goods-- and something made by child labor in a sweatshop is not going to be of good quality.
    Some are concerned because the lowest-bidding country is generally the one with the lowest standards for worker safety, others because the same is true of product safety, and still others are concerned about environmental regulations.

    Almost every American wants to buy American... but how?

    Here are a few links I have. Please add your own too:

    Buy American produce.
    American Apparel
    Rag and Bone's website does not appear to be working at the moment, but they're available at ritzy stores like Barney's and Neiman-Marcus-- we're talking fancy designer clothes, but most fancy designer clothes are Chines-made crap too, so it's a plus. If I had a bunch of money, I'd probably wear their stuff.
    Here is something about them from

    And here are three general links:
    American-made products available at online retailer
    The Union Shop - your home for all things Made In the USA and Union Made.
    VoyForums: B.A.P. [Buy American Products]

    As you can see, we need more links, so please contribute any links you know of too.
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  2. Robin Hickman

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    Greetings, CultureGeek !!!

    Here's the ULTIMATE "Made-In-America" link for you !!! :D

    It's for the "Genuine American Flag Act" purposed in the current session(111th) of Congress.

    This same "Genuine American Flag Act" has been introduced three times before: 108th, 109th, and 110th Congresses. for some reason it always ends up being referred to a committee and then "dying" there.

    I don't know what the fate of H.R. 1082, "Genuine American Flag Act", is going to be this time around.

    Currently (as of 5-02-2009) it's been referred to a committee...

    Robin "As An American, I Prefer American-made American Flags" Hickman
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    This links should be clickable :)
    Genuine American Flag Act (Introduced in House)

    It's an interesting idea, but at the same time, it's probably a bit overboard. Of course, I'd prefer to buy American-made American flags myself, but to legislate it seems a little bit excessive :p
  4. Robin Hickman

    Robin Hickman Well-Known Member

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    Use the insert link button :)
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  7. Robin Hickman

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    I have tried the so-called "insert link" button. All it does is add an extra "http://" to the address which makes it a perfectly useless feature in these forums.

    As near as I can tell, the ONLY web addresses that I have had ANY trouble with have ALL been for pages on the Library of Congress' website.

    Check ALL of my postings that have links included in them and you should find that ALL the links work EXCEPT for the ones.


  8. NAVA1974

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    The bill is not specific enough to accomplish what the framers want. One of the last times this idea came up, an Asian flagmaker approached on of the major US flagmakers and offered to sell him cheap US flags and embroidered labels saying "Made in USA" and the US flagmaker could sew the label on the heading and thus the completed flag would have been "made in the United States."
  9. Robin Hickman

    Robin Hickman Well-Known Member

    I do believe you're right NAVA1974.

    This same bill, or one's very much like it, has been introduced (proposed) in Congress in 2002, 2003, 2005, 2007, and now, 2009.

    Up until now, they've always ended up getting stuck "in committee" and dying there. I think this one will suffer a similar fate.

    I do recall that some time in the not too distant past, that Congress did pass a bill that became law regarding the Flags that the Federal Government purchased had to be "Made In The USA". The bill contained certain criteria that had to be met in order to "qualify" as "Made In The USA". I believe that a number of States did the same thing too (Post 9-11).

    Of course, now the problem is, I'll have to go "look it up" to make sure!

    "Save me Obi-wan Google! You're my only hope!" :eek:

    Robin Hickman
  10. NAVA1974

    NAVA1974 Active Member

    Re: Buy American - sources of information

    Robin, your sig line included "Save me Obi-wan Google! You're my only hope!"

    I, too, am amazed by some questions that pop up in forums like this that are so easily answered with a simple google search, yet one must be cautious: not everything you read is true! That goes for the internet as well as newspapers (did you ever read a newspaper article about something you are very familiar with, like your profession, or an event you witnessed, and been surprised how inaccurate it was? Imagine if the same level of accuracy applied to every article you read?)

    The best sources of information are peer-reviewed journals or other publications where knowledgeable people have a right to input their thoughts. The best and most authoritative info on the internet is from such juried articles, or ones attributed directly to such learned publications. In one sense, this forum acts like that because if I make a statement that has inaccuracies due to faulty research or personal bias, there are other knowledgeable members who can offer corrections, and subsequent discussion brings us all closer to the truth.

    I ought to ask a question about the US flag some day. I think I'll go start a new thread...
  11. Robin Hickman

    Robin Hickman Well-Known Member

    Howdy, NAVA1974 !

    In terms of "accuracy", yes, I suppose that most of the time "peer reviewed" journals do a very good job over the long run. BUT... Since I don't know where they are "hiding", I have to use Google to help me find them! :D

    For most purposes associated with this website, Google can come in VERY handy, ESPECIALLY when a phrase or sentence (10 words or less) is used (inside of quotation marks) is used as the search term. I have found that to be invaluable when searching for song lyrics or a poem.

    And it works pretty good too, when tracking down "bogus" patriotic quotes!

    As far as finding a "specific" law regarding a supposed "buy American" requirement for the government's purchase of American Flags, I'm not sure how THAT's going to work out.

    I guess I'll find out when I give it a try! :D

    Robin Hickman
  12. CultureGeek

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    This reply is significantly abbreviated because my stupid browser crashed and ate my last attempt.

    The Union Shop (Linked to in the OP) had some very small flags, but the most promising resource I have found for definitely American-made American flags is the Flag Manufacturers Association of America page. The manufacturers that it lists are:

    Annin & Co.
    C.F. Flag
    J.C. Schultz Enterprises, Inc. / The Flag Source
    Valley Forge Flag

    This is probably duplicate information, and with the number of vexillologists on this site, other people here will have far more information about the relative merits of these flag sources than I can. Indeed, I hope that some of them do, as I want to know where would be best to get a smallish flag for the Fourth of July, and I also want to keep the buy American resources coming.

    BTW: As for the Federal acquisition regulations, I found that page too. As somebody who has worked for the federal government (some time ago or "in the high and far-off time, o best beloved" as my linguistics professor would say), I can only wish you luck in deciphering it.

    P. S. I have been having health problems that interfere with my ability to type, so please disregard any homonyms, speech recognition software commands, and "*& #!$ computer" 's that may have escaped my notice.
  13. Robin Hickman

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    Re: Buy American - "Save Me Obi-Wan Google! You're My Only Hope!"


    Save Me Obi-Wan Google! You're My Only Hope!!!

    Robin "Save Me Obi-Wan Google! You're My Only Hope!" Hickman :D
    Eugene, Oregon, USA

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