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Discussion in 'US Flag Display' started by jaosteen42, Nov 2, 2006.

  1. jaosteen42

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    Is it inappropriate or in any way disrespectful to fly the flag which draped the coffin at a military funeral? My wife would like to fly the flag off my father-in-law's coffin as a memorial/tribute to him but neither of us wants to disrespect the flag or the US military.

    Thanks, in advance

    - James
    Houston, TX
  2. NAVA1974

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    It honors the flag and the person, to fly the flag used at their funeral. Some prefer to preserve the folded flag and display it in a triangular case, that's fine too, but it is a shame to simply put the flag away in a closet or drawer. Flags were meant to fly.
  3. yeah cos if the military didnt want veterans flags to fly they would order them to be made without any header or grommits!
  4. NAVA1974

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    I never thought of that, but it is certanly logical!

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