Civil War River Boat Sultana Explosion

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    Civil War River Boat Sultana Explosion

    I have a 44 Star US Flag that was passed down to me from my Great
    Grandmother who obtained the flag at a dedication ceremony of a Civil War monument or
    memorial (exact date not sure) in or near Memphis Tennessee honoring the
    lost soldiers, both Confederate and Union on board the river boat Sultana
    which blew up from a boiler explosion in 1865. It is the largest loss of
    life of a marine accident in US History. Approximately 1,500 to 1,800
    soldiers. The memorial was dedicated many years after the accident but I am
    not sure of the date. I am trying to find out more information about the age
    and history of a 44 star flag from this time. Would you have any information
    on where I might find more information ?


    John Houston Dixon Trudell
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    John Houston Dixon Trudell,

    The American flag your great grandmother recieved at a memorial ceremony for the Sultana victims was the official American flag from July 4th, 1891 until July 4th 1896. On July 4th 1896 the U.S. added the 45th star to the field for the state of Utah, which had just joined the nation. There are multiple Sultana memorials dedicated to the Union and Confederate soldiers who died. Some in Memphis and many others in local cemeteries and monuments to those soldiers who never returned home. Most of the Sultana victims are buried at Memphis National Cemetery ( More information on the Sultana disaster can be found at
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    If your interested in the market value of your flag: there is a 44 Star Flag going for $950.00 dollars on Ebay. Not sure if this is close to the actual antique going rate or not. But for appraisal purposes, just thought you would like to know.

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