Cleaning a 48 star flag

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  1. I had a question from a veteran about a 48 star flag he owned. Apparently, it hung on a wall and it is stained on one side either by sunlight or exposure to cigarette smoke. He was wondering if cleaning the flag would be detrimental to its value.

    I could not answer with certainty so I thought I would ask here. Any thoughts on that?
  2. Robin Hickman

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    Hey, Cape Fear Pirate!

    As you know, I am NOT an "expert" on Flag fabrics. If he chooses to wash the Flag, and not knowing if it's made out of wool, cotton, muslin, silk, etc., I'd recommend that he HAND-WASH it, using "Woolite" or some other super mild detergent. To help with the fading/staining, my best guess would be to try to use a little "Oxy-Clean", or a similar product.

    But then again, I am NOT an expert on Flag fabrics!

    Good Luck with everything!

  3. NAVA1974

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    If sunlight has caused the colors to fade, washing the flag will not help. It can only further the fading process. If exposure has caused the white to discolor then there is a chance you can improve it. However anything you do to brighten the white may adversely affect the red or blue. Note that many dry cleaners offer to clean USA flags for free, especially between June 14 and the 4th of July!

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