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Discussion in 'Other US Flag Etiquette' started by snowwit23, Sep 12, 2006.

  1. snowwit23

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    I was recently at a rodeo of all places and when the flag was brought in and the National Anthem was sung, only the cowboys removed their cover. What is up with that?I thought everybody was supposed to remove anything on their heads except the person carrying the flag. Maybe I am remembering incorrectly?
  2. Just George

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    Well, I think the correct thing to do is EVERYONE (non military) removes thier hat. Non uniformed people place thier right hand over thier heart. Uniformed people salute, with headgear on. When I'm working on a military base and colors are raised at 0800, we remove our hard hats, face in the direction of the flag, put our hands over our hearts that THANK GOD we are americans. But, to each his own, we have that Right.
  3. snowwit23

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    Thank you for the reply and I have to agree with you. After spending time overseas, I thank God every day that I live in this country where it is ok to be different and wonderful in your own way. I thought hte cowgirls that left their cover on were wrong, but noone said or did anything. I guess they must have been expressing their thoughts or maybe they were just not enlightened in the ways of flag etiquette
  4. Just George

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    You know, I do a lot of Cowboy Action Shooting. At every match we always rais the Flag and say the Pledg. I have noticed that many of the women shooters do not remove thier hats. ALL the men do. No one says anything there either. I guess it's just a woman thing. I know the gals are proud because it's usually them you can here the loudest YeHaa from when we are done.
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    I have seen this country go through so many changes in how we treat our own Flag. When I started school I was alway told to stand and cover your heart. After serveing 25 years in the US Navy that still holds true still in my book and when your are covered you salute and that is any time. today fro some reason people do not.

    Why thats a good question. That Flag is most dear to me and will alway be, I served under it and for it for 25 years in uniform and when I see someone that wants to burn it, I want to do other things to them that I would. We are the only country in the world that allows people to disrespect its own flag and get away with it. That just awful.:mad:

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