Conspiracy with the flag on the moon.

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    I sell four different brands of US flags, but two of the oldest manufacturers, one being Annin and another being Valley Forge, both heavily imply it’s their flag on the moon. I found this fascinating, so I called each manufacturer and asked why this was and the answer I got was this…"the flag on the moon could be either company’s, the Apollo had both flags on board when they left. Mr. Armstrong has been quoted however that before they left someone went to Sears and bought some more flags and had them modified. Since Tang… NASA will no longer endorse a brand." I guess it doesn’t really matter, but I find it interesting.
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    Just in case you haven't seen it, check out this excellent paper about the moon flags:

    Where No Flag Has Gone Before

    The author is Annie Platoff, a NAVA member and former NASA employee.

    Peter Ansoff
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    Thanks Peter.... what an excellent article!
  4. uncleflag

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    Awesome!, in footnote 10 it confirms my conversation with Annin.
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    What about all those Conspiracy Theorists (CT's) who insist that ALL the Apollo Program's moon landings were FAKED ??? :eek:


    IF all the lunar landings were faked, THEN there AREN'T any American Flags, or lunar landing modules, or moon buggies up there on the Moon, now are there?

    The CT's have been MORE than willing to point out over the years that there are NO photos from non-Apollo Program sources (independent) showing the landing sites or the equipment that was left behind (including the American Flags).

    Perhaps the CT's have NOT yet heard of NASA's "Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter", or LRO. The LRO is carrying the "Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera", or LROC,

    Pictures, anyone?

    Okay, Okay.... I know that the LROC's resolution is way too low to be able to show the Flags. Or at least it was at the time that the original story was written. :cool:

    Who knows what we might see once the LRO settles into it's "Primary Mission Orbit" and starts taking higher resolution photos !!! :eek:

    Robin Hickman :D

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