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  1. polymnia

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    Hi, found this forum while trying to search for a 2x3 Taunton or Grand Union flag.

    I am a history enthusiast and attending graduate school in the UK this autumn. I wanted to take a flag with me of the Revolutionary period (I'm joining DAR and have traced nearly all my family to England and Scotland prior to the AmRev.

    I purchased an Annin Grand Union 2x3 nylon but I don't like it. It looks too bright and its just one solid piece of nylon. I cannot find what I'm looking for yet. Ideas?
  2. Robin Hickman

    Robin Hickman Well-Known Member

    Hello, Polymnia! :cool:

    Welcome to the USA-FLAG-SITE Forum!

    There is an Annin "Defiance" 2'x3' COTTON "Grand Union" (aka: "Continental Colors") Flag with sewn stripes for sale RIGHT NOW on eBay! The opening bid is only $22.50 (with FREE Shipping) and there are NO bids placed on it yet! The auction ends : August 01, 2014 11:27:01 (PDT).

    LINK : Annin Flagmakers 2 x 3 Defiance Cotton Grand Union Flag | eBay


    The "Defiance" model was Annin's top-of-the-line COTTON bunting Flags, prior to them buying out DETTRA Flag Company in 1998. After that Annin switched the name from "Defiance" to "Bulldog", which had been Dettra's TOTL model of cotton bunting Flags.

    If for some reason this particular Flag isn't the one for you, you might keep searching on eBay for what you want ("Grand Union Flag" or "Taunton Flag" +COTTON). You'll need to be both persistent and patient! Most, but not all, Flags manufactured in the USA these days are printed or dyed. While there are a number of "exceptions", you really have to look for them.

    Good Luck!

    BTW/FWIW : We are currently in the Bicentennial (200th anniversary) of the War of 1812 (sometimes referred to as the "2nd American Revolution"). September 14th, 2014 will mark the Bicentennial of the Francis Scott Key's poem, "The Defence Of Fort McHenry", better known today, throughout the world, as "The Star-Spangled Banner"! If you can't find the American Revolutionary War era Flag, why not get a 15-Stars and 15-Stripes "Star-Spangled Banner" Flag to show the BRITS that our "Flag Was (is) Still There"??? - Just a thought! :cool:

    Anyway, Thank You for bringing your Flag-related question to our Forum! I hope this will be of some help to you!

    PS. The same eBay seller has a nice little 2'x3' Annin "Nyl-Glo" (nylon) "Betsy Ross" 13-Star Flag and it's Sewn & Embroidered (NOT dyed/printed)!!!

    LINK : Annin Flagmakers 2 x 3 Nylon Betsy Ross Flag Item 318300 | eBay

    Robin Hickman
    "Your Friendly Neighborhood Flag Man"
    Eugene, Oregon, USA.
  3. polymnia

    polymnia New Member

    Thank you. That flag is ideal (I thoight about a war of 1812 banner but I tended toward the Revolution because so many of my ancestors served.)

    That flag is perfect if I win the bid for heading to the UK.
  4. Grand Union Flag

    Grand Union Flag New Member

    I hate to knock Annin because they make some great flags but lately their all-digital historic flags are pretty poor. I have an older British Red Ensign and a new one. The older one is made of three different pieces of nylon - one for the Union Jack and two for the red field. The new one is all one piece and the red is more pink than anything else. Its a shame they went this way.

    Your best bet is to try eBay to find one of these old Annin flags or one from Valley Forge. CRW flags also has a HUGE section of historic flags and even though they are nylon made, they have a great color dying process. You can also get them in the 2x3 size (my favorite). Also, try this site on eBay. They have a good deal of sewn flags in cotton or heavy weight polyester (not those cheap ones).

    You may also want to display the Grand Union Flag over in the UK :)
  5. csaanv

    csaanv Member

    Grand Union Flag,
    I had the same issue with two Confederate 1st national flags, the older flag was made using the acid-dyed process and the newer flag is the newer digital process. The red in the newer flag is an off shade of red which is quickly fading out even though I hardly fly it. The older flag was flown constantly and it still kept it's color. Also the nylon material in the new flag is thiner and not as supple as the older flag. I would like to say Aninn made a mistake by going to this digital process but thier profit margin is what is driving them and most folks don't have a clue so they can get away with it.
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    Because of the subject matter of this thread, I've taken the liberty of moving it to the "Flag Identification and Collecting" Section. I've left a temporary redirect notice back in the American Flag History section for a few days just in case.

    Peter A.
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    This thread should probably be moved back to where it originally was, and start a NEW thread with the non-related observation made by "Grand Union Flag" (entry #4) and CSAANV's reply to it (entry #5). Then delete entries #6 and #7 (this one).



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