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    There has been a disagreement for several weeks on whether the American Flag, State Flag and Pack Flag should be carried in a Halloween parade. The flags we have are the pole stand type and are heavy. In the past 5 years we have never carried the flags in the parade and there are only two people that have had an issue out of 30 some parents with us not having the American Flag. Many think that because of Halloween being a satanic holiday that it is not proper to have the American Flag in the parade unless it is the Veterans. The Veterans Association said that if anyone disagrees with it being carried then it should not be so that is what we did, we did not carry the flags last night. One parent said because we are the Cub Scouts of America we should have it. We have a small patch flag on the shoulder of our uniforms and they said that if we have that flag then we should have the large flags. The patch flag is part of our uniform and something we wear at every outing. Can anyone give their opinion on this matter? What we decided to do by not carrying it was it wrong or right? Also, there was another cub scout pack in the parade and a girl scout pack and they didn't carry any flags either. Thank you.
  2. i cant comment on this as an American - cos im not one! im British

    i would ask why flags need be necessary at all on a halloween parade?
    should be carrying pumpkins and broomsticks etc!

    if you were to have one of the those 3 flags present i would say to have all of them
    state flag without the US flag would be a bit weird to me - if i saw that in a parade i would be wondering where the US flag was- whereas if no flags were present i would not be wondering where the US flag was - for a halloween parade anyway! its not really an offiicial thing compared to say veterans day or 4th of july- in witch cases the flags would be necessary

    thats my 2 cents (or pennies) anyway!

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    Thank you for replying. Your thoughts are right along with several others in our group. I guess I should have specified more clear that we didn't carry any flags in the parade at all. As a matter of fact the only people who did were the Vetrans Assoc. and a Senator running for office out of 50-60 groups that were in the parade. Thanks
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    This post may be late, but I'm new to this forum.
    I feel that it would be perfectly all right to have the American flag at the start of the parade with each group either carrying nothing at all or a unit flag, unless it is a military group. I am from south Louisiana and the Mardi Gras parades are this way.
  5. Mardi Gras isnt QUITE the same as Halloween though hah? lol

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