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    :confused: Hello! I was wondering if someone might be able to give me an approximate value on 2 American Flags that I found in my Grandfather's attic?? They both have 48 stars on them. One is in perfect condition and the other a very small hole, but in great shape. When found, they were not folded in any particular way, for example, if presented at a funeral, etc. I don't know of any stories behind them, or who they actually belonged to, there were items in this house that belonged to several relatives, including my Great Grandmother. It would be fun to share with people the story of how I found them, and how much they may be worth.
    I can be reached via e:mail at
    Thank you for any help you can give me.
  2. well 48 star flags are pretty widely available (so i seen on ebay anyway!) they usually sell o nthere for between $60 and $100 each - i just bought one this last week waitin4 it to come to me in england here but i paid $30 for it and is Valley forge and hand stitched stars.... tho the seller failed to mention ther hand stitched stars but i can tell by looking at it that thy are.... im not selling it again tll become part of my collection of american flags (i have 38 now)

    the less stars on the flag usually the more vlue it is.. flags with hles in sometimes dont do as well as flags with noholes and less stainage to the white stripes. some flags with holes in if they are explained how they got the holes in them can be worth alot of money.
    if u have any pics of the flags lets seee :d

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