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    This has occured within my family re: the display of the flag, within the last 2 months. After speaking with my dad and hearing his heart, I wrote this for him and for all who fly their flag in this manner. May their hearts be heard and may this nation be moved to action in being a part of the education process of teaching generations to come: the flag code, our history as a nation, our Constitution and Bill of Rights, our love for God and that our mistakes would not go on repeating.

    You wonder why my flag flies upside down...
    Even when it causes some to frown
    And why do my words seem to have a somber tone,
    Well, there’s a reason for the things that I have done.

    I do this so that everyone may see,
    That things are not what they appear to be,
    I’d like to turn my head and walk away,
    But I tell you I’m not made to roll that way.

    I do this for the times in which we live,
    When many would rather take more than they give,
    A nation embracing evil and growing strife,
    Disregarding soldiers and unborn lives.

    The union down and the stripes that fly above,
    Say I weep for this country that I love
    She’s in danger of losing all that we hold dear,
    Freedoms lost to intimidation and fear.

    There are those that tell me all is well and fine,
    That I’m just too old and way behind the times,
    But there are always those that have to lead the way,
    That stand for God and our rights to have our say.

    So there’s a loud voice crying from atop that pole,
    Shouting a warning to every soul,
    So that all would stop and pause a little while,
    And remember those that go the extra mile.

    Take the time to love and appreciate,
    This nation’s history and what made her so great.
    Learn about her birth once again,
    Consider all her heroes - women and men.

    Let’s teach it to our children every day
    On bended knee, humble ourselves and pray,
    Father said He would hear us from above
    And He will heal this nation that we love.

    By Venessa Koehler - 6/03/2013
    God bless this UNITED States of America. Dad, thank you,
    and I love you.
    PROUD to be Your Daughter


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