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Discussion in 'Flag Identification and Collecting' started by coasterville, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. coasterville

    coasterville Member

    I hadn't really been stalking eBay much lately, but last week in a fit of bordedom, and in mood to upgrade my flags, I keyed in "Nylon World Flags"

    I found a listing, my favorite kind, no real picture, roll the dice and try your luck.

    Listing said 6 International Flags - Dettra Dura Lite, item listed the nations, mentioned the boxes were included, and that there were some signs of use and "paper clips have been attached to the holes"

    Well, it caught no bids, so I caught it for the minimum bid of $29.99

    Today the shipping box came, all kinds of bubble wrap and filler (as if you can harm flags) but very well packed, and indeed each flag is in its original Dettra Quality Flags box, complete with the flag care inserts.

    Italy - sewn panels
    France - sewn panels
    Japan - the spot is sewn/ applique
    Switzerland - the cross is sewn/ applique - it is 3x5, not square
    United Kingdom - printed/dyed design
    Brazil - printed/dyed design

    all are 3'x5', good headers with the Dettra Dura Lite logo stamped on it, as well as the nation name, Flags have some real minor dirt/staining nothing too terrible, and certainly nothing that you could see from the road if I am flying it.

    Oh, and the paper clips that had been attached to the grommets, already removed. :)

    Is it bad when I come to post here before I go to ebay.com and leave (very positive) feedback.

    Now just need to upgrade my Germany, Austria, Canada, and Holy See flags to Nylon from poly.

    I know somebody has probably posted this a long time ago - but when did the Dettra brand name go away? (I know it's Annin now)
  2. Robin Hickman

    Robin Hickman Well-Known Member

    Hi, Dave!

    I watched that same eBay item for close to two months! Usually, it was at $49.99, which is WAY over my budget. It did hit $29.99 once before, but I'd thought I'd wait until it hit $19.99. Never did.

    If you need a nylon Flag of Canada and a nylon Flag of Germany, I have collected both flags in the 2'x3', 3'x5', and 4'x6' sizes. The Canadian Flags are all single-panel, acid-dyed flags (Annin & Dettra), and all the German flags are sewn panels (Dettra & Annin).

    I recently bought 10 International Flags (including the BEAUTIFUL Mongolian Flag) for $40 (Free Shipping) and 28 NIB 4'x6' Annin State Flags for $10 + $10 S+H (Less than 75 cents each).


    Robin Hickman
    Eugene, Oregon, USa
  3. coasterville

    coasterville Member

    Well, for $29 I figured I just spent $26 on Ireland alone, so $29 seemed like a steal.

    The $20 shipping/handling fee is kind of excessive but still $50 for 6 didn't seem too bad.

    That state flag collection sounds like a real treasure trove, how did that one get buy people unnoticed - medicore/poor listing?

    So, what your saying is the deals are out there with persistant looking?

    No hard feelings, right?
  4. NAVA1974

    NAVA1974 Active Member

    "... but when did the Dettra brand name go away? (I know it's Annin now)"

    Annin bought out Dettra Flags in 1994.

    Nick A
    Columbia Maryland
  5. Robin Hickman

    Robin Hickman Well-Known Member

    Quick Note : I believe that Annin bought out Dettra in 1998. A quick peek at Annin's Wikipedia page gives the following quote at the end of the "History" section :

    "Annin purchased competitive flag companies, Colonial Flag Company in Coshocton, Ohio in 1975 and Dettra Flag Co. in Oaks, PA in 1998. Dettra Flag Co. had been Annin’s largest commercial competitor since 1902. In 2010, Annin purchased FlagZone in Gilbertsville, PA. FlagZone runs independently from Annin with Kurt Koloseike as its President."

    One of the "interesting" items not mentioned in that paragraph has to do with "FlagZone". After Annin acquired Dettra in 1998, some of the Dettra's head honchos started up FlagZone after the original buyout's "Do Not Compete" clause time-limit passed. And now they've been bought out again!

    (Or, at least that's what I THINK happened!)



  6. NAVA1974

    NAVA1974 Active Member

    Thanks for the correction. I was off by four years.:(
  7. Robin Hickman

    Robin Hickman Well-Known Member

    Hey, Dave ! :D

    I apologize for not answering/addressing your question earlier about the listing for the State Flags collection.

    I used pretty much the same procedures/practices for the three different Flag Collections mentioned. While persistence plays an important role, patience is also required.

    I had all three eBay "items" on my watch list, and all three were repeatedly re-listed after going un-sold, and so were re-listed on my watch list. All three started out WAY out of my price range. I kept watching them all hoping that with each repeated re-listing their prices would go down and,hopefully, end up in my price range. I already explained how things went with the collection of the 6 international Flags that you are now giving a new home to. The two items I ended up buying did, eventually, go down in price.

    The 10 Flag collection started out as showing pics of the collection, but the sale was for individual flags. The Flags were listed at a much higher price at first. Around $30 each (+S&H). No Flags sold and then the price went down to $25. Still didn't sell and went down to $20. I wrote the seller a message asking if he had considered selling the 10 Flags for a "lot" price. He replied that he'd sell them all for $99 with Free Shipping. Too rich for me! He then actually listed the collection with an opening bid of $99 (Free Ship). After a couple of days, he dropped it to $40. That's what I bid and I won!

    eBay - New & used electronics, cars, apparel, collectibles, sporting goods & more at low prices

    I went through a similar process with the collection of 26 4'x6' State Flags. Originally, the seller had all 28 State Flags listed together, but was selling them individually. I forget what the original starting price was, but I think it was $40 each. None sold so the re-listed price per Flag dropped to $30 each. After a few more re-listings, and price reductions, two of the flags were sold. or at least the total number of flags went from 28 down to 26 Flags.

    On it's final re-listing, the price shown was $10, plus $10 S&H. Which is pretty darn good for an ANNIN 4'x6' Nylon State Flag! I put the re-listing in my "Watch List". The "weird" part was that the item also had a "Buy-It-Now" option price of $150. That's when I re-read the item's description to try to figure out what the deal was with the astronomical BIN price. THAT'S when I figured out that it was a "package deal" for all 26 State Flags. I didn't have the $150 for the BIN price, so I bid $10 for the opening bid and the BIN option disappeared. I had a few days to find some more money, so I scraped up a few more bucks. Then, at the last second, I "sniped" myself with a higher bid hoping to fend off any other bidders (snipers). Suprise! I won with my opening bid of $10, plus $10 shipping! Incidently, it cost the seller $56.00 to ship all 26 State Flags (in their individual boxes) to me.

    Find your state. WI,SD,KY,AZ,VA,ID,UT,NE,ND,NC,NH,OK,WV,MA,DC,NJ,MI,PN,WY,DE,IO | eBay

    Patience & Persistence won the day!

    Robin Hickman
    Eugene, Oregon, USA
  8. coasterville

    coasterville Member

    Thanks Robin and Nick.

    I looked at FlagZone's website. One neat feature is their international flags section tells you which flags come sewn, which come printed, and which are available either way. (At an appropriate price upgrade of course)

    Mostly straightforward, bi-color or tri-color flags that are simply color bands are usually available still sewn, anything with any kind of design work is printed. The ones available either way are the ones like Denmark, Sweeden, etc that have the big cross design. I note their Japan flag comes printed, so I'm wondering if having a sewn in red dot is a case of "They don't make em like that anymore".

    So, if I recall correctly, in the US the major flagmakers that are left are Annin, Valley Forge, CF Flag, and Eder. (And FlagZone I suppose, unless they two become fully swallowed up by Annin)

    Great finds Robin, I think I saw that "Find your state" back when it was a choose 1 flag auction.

    So should I be mindful of watching out for you in that "192 Flags of the World" set I see with an opening big of $720. (Too rich for my blood!)
  9. Robin Hickman

    Robin Hickman Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure what qualifies a flag manufacturer as a "MAJOR flagmaker". I know that the FMAA currently has only four "flag manufacturer" members: Annin & Co, C.F. Flag, FlagSource (J.C. Schultz Enterprises), and Valley Forge.

    Additionally, there is FlagZone (Annin), Eder Flags, Allied Flags, A.G.A.S., and various "regional" flagmakers. There are others who may, or may not, be flag makers, such as Emerson Flags (S.F. CA), National Flag/Metropolitan Flag (NJ & NYC), Carrot-Top Industries, etc. There are probably some smaller companies that might list themselves as flag "makers", but are probably more accurately flag "re-taggers" or "re-labelers".

    The Japanese Flags that I have (2x3, 3x5, and 4x6) are all the "sewn" variety. But then, they're ALL made by DETTRA.

    The older Nordic/Scandinavia DETTRA-made Flags that I have, are all sewn panel flags. The most elaborate of these is the Red, White, & Blue, National Flag of Norway. It consistes of a total of 15 separate panels sewn together!!!

    I haven't seen anything remotely like a "192 Flags of the World" item on eBay. Where is it? :confused: On the other hand, there are some TOPPS 1955 and 1970 "Flags of the World" card collections, NOS in sealed cartons for sale!

    Dave, as I said before, I have BOTH the Canadian and German Flags in the 2x3, 3x5, and 4x6 sizes. AND... They're in their own boxes!!! :cool:

    Robin Hickman
    Eugene, Oregon, USA
  10. coasterville

    coasterville Member

    Let me see if I can find it again:

    we know how the server likes links, so I'll try:

    United Nations member set 3x5' flags international UN | eBay

    It says they have 6 sets availble, hurry while they last :)

    But, this may be the ultimate eBay find - in a matter of speaking - you can buy out the inventory of a flag store, some 5,200 assorted flags in retail packaging:

    wholesale lot 5k + flags countries sports novelty states military flag business | eBay

    I'm sure you can find the money for that last one in your couch cushions, right?

    You have mentioned the fact you have the 3x5 Canada and Germany flags I seek. I'm not sure I have anything to trade of them, though.
  11. Robin Hickman

    Robin Hickman Well-Known Member


    Hi, Dave!

    I was thinking along the line of selling the Flags.

    The 3'x5' Canadian Flag would a Dettra "Dura-Lite" model (one piece, dyed) in its original box.

    The 3'x5' German Flag would be YOUR CHOICE of a Dettra "Dura-Lite" model (three piece, sewn) OR an Annin "Nyl-Glo" model (three piece, sewn) in its original box.

    I've never mailed or shipped Flags, so I don't know what it will cost to get them to you. I "assume" that it will cost more to send them if they are in their original boxes, but I don't know for sure.

    What would you be willing to spend to get the two Flags to you and in your collection? :cool:

    Robin Hickman
    Eugene, Oregon, USA
  12. coasterville

    coasterville Member

    Thanks for the offer, Robin.

    Right now, I think I've sort of gone flag crazy. Including the batch I told about, I think have acquired 16 world flags in the past month.

    I need to cool my jets for awhile I think.

    I can spend some time updating my flags page, and getting some fresh photographs.

    I'm eager to receive my latest purchase, should come any day now. Its a Soviet Union (USSR) flag, but what makes it sort of neat is the hammer/sickle/star are all done in embroidery work. It's a bit larger flag than I like (might even be larger than 4x6). I've seen photos of it of course, and to see what kind of condiiton its in, particularly the fly end. It's looks ok in the pictures, but they warned me it has definitely been flown.
  13. coasterville

    coasterville Member


    I took advantage of part of this rainy weekend to start inventory and photographing my flags. I wanted to get some standardized photos for the flags page (see my signature for the link)

    I've learned a few things through the proces. Yes, it's nice to collect flags, but until you start working with them, you don't notice a few things.

    1) For these photos I am using a home brew indoor flag display by using what was a 6' pole out of one of those cheap flag sets, combined with a stand. (Yes, I've seen a real economy indoor flag outfit on Amazon for $99 I should consider since I like having a flag display in my work room at home, just like those important people have) Anyway, if I do this exercise again, I should invest in a 'flag spreader' so I can more easily/properly shape the flags for photography.

    2) The flag of Nepal - I see mine has been UN standardized to 3x5, but while most stock drawings/graphics of the flag of Nepal show a tall thin flag, mine looks like they kept the two traingles but its more wide than it is tall. (You can look at an old pic of it to see what I mean) The problem with buying international flags online is a lot of sellers use stock graphics rather than real flag photos. My local flag store is an Annin dealer, and i've found two online flag dealers and eBay with real photos, and the Annin Nepal flag seems to suffer the same problem. (Short and wide rather than tall and narrow). Also, how do you fold the flag of Nepal, or Ohio for that matter so that it looks kind of neat?
    3) At a later time, I may need to do a study on Union Jacks (In the United Kingdom sense) I am up to 4 Union Jacks now (Amanda would be proud of me) I have two 'economy' printed poly versions (one with a lighter shade of blue than the other), along with a nylon version with all the various color panels sewn and not printed (in the lighter version of blue, purchased from a UK based flag shop if that matters), and a Dettra Dura-Lite example (all printed, in the darker shade of blue)
    4) I have two West Germany flags - both 'economy' poly - one has a darker more traditional (to my eyes) shade of yellow, but the one with brighter yellow coloration has quad fly end stiching rather than just two. (I also have two 'economy' poly Canada flags and with they are both within 1 inch of each other in both directions, when I overlay the two maple leafs, they don't line up. )
    5) My Hunagry flag (with coat of arms) - actually make by a Hungarian flagmaker, and purchased in Budapest by me, I'm not sureof the material but its silky smooth, and the three color panels are sewn together (the coat of arms is printed). It has a pole sleeve, instead of grommets or rope/toggle. However, it doesn't have any tabs sewn into the sleeve. (Believe me, I have looked, a couple time now) To mount it on the pole I used an aligator clip. (In fact, thats the flag I stopped with tonight, so its still mounted on the pole..)

    Robin: when I have the flags page updated with the new flags/photos. and content - I'll let you know.
  14. Robin Hickman

    Robin Hickman Well-Known Member


    Hey, Dave!!!

    On the "Flags page of your website ( coasterville.com/flags.html ) you show that you have an EMBROIDERED Gadsden Flag made/imported by the RUFFIN Flag Co. Is your Gadsden Flag NYLON or COTTON? "Single Reverse" or "Double Seal"? What is your "assessment" of the Flag? I assume it comes fully (Ruffin) equipped with the thin, over-sized grommets?

    In your opinion, is it "worth" buying one and, if so, what price range???

    THANX !!!

    Robin Hickman
    Eugene, Oregon, USA
    Robin Hickman | Facebook
  15. coasterville

    coasterville Member

    User holds the Gasden flag up to the monitor so Robin can have a better look. :)

    Actually, I am pulling it out of the flag cabinet right now so I can make an informed statement about it.

    Ok, first thing- according to its packaging: Contains - 1 Gadsden Flag, 3'x5', 300D Nylon, Header and Grommets.

    (Other options available (or at least boxes on the package label:
    Flag Style: Gadsden, Culpeper, First Navy Jack
    Size: 2'x3', 3'x5', 4'x6', 5'x'8'
    Material Super Quality - 100% Cotton, Double Sided (material not indicated), 300D Nylon
    All flags come with four rows of fly end hem
    Mounting options: Header and Grommets, Pole Sleeve and ties, Pole Sleeve, Ties, Gold Fringe

    USFLAGKING BRAND (yes all one word)

    Now the flag itself, heaver than average nylon, the typical oversize grommets Ruffin is known for. (the flag came with free adapters which are basically a pair of snap hooks you can tie to your halyard, the snap rings do bear the RUFFIN name on them)

    The wording is embroidery, and the snake and other charge elements are a combination of embroidery and applique. (I just turned the flag over, and the reverse is mirror image of the obverse.

    Opinion: I'm very happy with it. When I was at the flag store, I asked about it, and given the flags current popularity with the Tea Party, they had a selection for me to choose from. Everything from polycotton (or the cheap cotton printed) and up. I'm usually big on Annin flags, but I had the Annin in my hands and I thought this particular one was better. The Annin is printed/dyed. The embroidery work is what sold me.
  16. Robin Hickman

    Robin Hickman Well-Known Member


    Hi, Dave!

    OK, Thanx for the info and your valuable opinion!

    Now, if I can just figure out the order of precedence for my three Flag display for Cinco de Mayo!!!

    Robin Hickman
    Eugene, Oregon
  17. coasterville

    coasterville Member

  18. coasterville

    coasterville Member

    Robin, and anybody else interested, My Flags page update isn't quite done yet, but I just uploaded a big revision. Enjoy!
  19. NAVA1974

    NAVA1974 Active Member

    Growing nicely, David!
    Re: the flag flown over the Capitol: was there any particular date or occasion it was associated with?

    Nick A
    Columbia Maryland
  20. coasterville

    coasterville Member

    Thanks for the compliments

    I got the Capitol flag from a charity event silent auction. That means I probably paid too much, but look at the hassle I didn't have to go through, and I helped out the charity and got something I wanted out of the deal. So, in short, no special significance.

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