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Discussion in 'Flag Identification and Collecting' started by coasterville, Apr 9, 2012.

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    Updates: well, you probably read about my size 10 ensign. (g-spec, nylon, valley forge, ring and hook header). If not, look in the long G-spec thread towards the end. Like page 6.

    Since then I also picked up a 48 star, appliqué stars, valley forge, 3'6"x6'8" g-spec flag for around $18. It is cotton and presents some signs of staining if you get close to the flag. So not mint, but no signs of wear either. Well just call those age stains.

    Then I spent quite a bit more, and snagged my first 49 star flag. I'm excited. Again Valley Forge, cotton 3x5. Photos look great. Condition is described as "gently used, flown on major flag holidays only"

    That one is still in transit.
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    The 49 star has arrived. It's a cotton Valley Forge with a printed canton and sewn stripes. A little bit aged, but structurally fine with no rips, fraying, etc. just a bit of yellowing.

    The seller included the original staff that came with this flag set. It's nice in and of itself. It's a three piece wood pole. Metal screw joint for the two halves of the staff, then the top decoration detaches. Also, it is designed for a halyard instead of rings as the top of the pole has two holes drilled in it for the halyard. Yes, the era before the now common flag rings.

    Still a nice looking set
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    Okay, eBay can be a dangerous place when you are a)bored, b)Perusing items in your hobby, and c) Find a deal.

    This combination can make a guy buy stuff he doesn't really need, simply because he realizes that he is getting stuff for pennies on the dollar.

    So it happened for me, I was the lucky winner of this auction:

    So, even though I don't live in any of the states in this particular flag collection, the thought of getting 14 3'x5' Nylon indoor/parade gold fringed flags for $26 was just too good to pass up. I received it today, and it does have its moments - such as the Hawaii flag being sewn and not printed, the (printed) seal of Virginia is a separate piece of fabric sewn into the flag. They are all in great condition, and Georgia flag is the 2001-2003 version, and thus discontinued. The flags are high quality either Colonial Nyl-Glo or VF Perma Nyl. Even with the $25 shipping fee (11 lbs. cross country from UPS) I still think I made out like a bandit as these same flags seem to sell for between $35-$65 EACH depending on which online flag store you deal with. Even at $35 lowball figure, that's $490 worth of flags for $51 delivered.

    Yes, I was taught at an early age that if you collect with the future RESELL price in mind, you are collecting for the wrong reasons, but still I need to justify and rationalize the purchase to myself :).

    Now, the other deal I found almost the same day was actually something I wanted. Imagine that novel concept! I found this item:
    1976 Bicentennial 50 STATE FLAGS BY ANNIN 12 INCH BY 8 INCH IN BOX NYLON FLAG | eBay

    Yes, a boxed Annin 8"x12" Flags of the United States set. All 50 pieces are there on wood staffs. The only flag is the gold speartiip is broken off of Florida. I can live with that since I managed to nail this item for just under $39 delivered, and I noted similar sets retail for about $250. I think I'll go up to my bricks and mortar flag shop and see what kind of deal I can get on the 50 hole base. And as a bonus - this set is from 1976 so the Georgia flag is vintage.
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    Those were two great deals, Dave! Smart shopping.
    Nick A
    Columbia MD
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    Great deals Dave! I think Annin is printing or dyeing all their 3'x5' state flags now so to get a sewn Hawaii flag is great. Fortunately, I was able to a few Annin made state flags before they stopped sewning them.
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    Well, my flag collection has outgrown the RUbbermaid storage container it was in, and has moved to a shelving unit:
    Flag Collection by Coasterville, on Flickr

    A quick guide:
    Crown: Dad's burial flag
    1st shelf: Historical USA flags on left, current 50 star on right. #10 50 star US Ensign in its box at center
    2nd shelf: US States and Tribal Nations to left, World nations to right.
    3rd Shelf: Military branches to left, other political to right( city flags, EU, UN, USSR) (box is 50 state mini flag set)
    4th shelf: Xavier University, Olympics and other sports on left, All the other decoratives on right
    5th shelf: Semaphore and International Code of Signals kits

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