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    Hello everyone. I am in the process of deciding what flagpole I am going to purchase to replace my old one that snapped during heavy winds. I do not know what this pole was made of as it was there when we purchased the house but it blew over flying one flag in strong but not too strong winds. I am deciding between a traditional 20' sectional flagpole that can be raised and lowered with the stationary truck and halyard, and a 20' sectional with a swivel system that has no halyard at all and allows the flag to fly without possibly getting wrapped around the pole. I am going back and forth with this as I do like the traditional look but both of my neighbors have flagpoles and on multiple occasions I have seen their flags become wrapped around the pole on breezy days.

    Does anyone have experience with the no halyard flagpole and other then the "Eye of the Beholder" rule of thumb, is there anything that dictates which one is correct to be used.
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    Hello SGT. GE,

    Welcome to the Forum! In addition to the factors you mentioned, have you considered which system would be easier to deal with when you want to lower the flag to half-staff and return it to full-staff? There are five Congressionally authorized national half-staff dates each year plus numerous Presidential and state level half-staff events which the majority of those who fly the American flag participate in.

    Bill Jameson
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