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    At our catholic cemetary,one of our veterans took it upon himself to go...
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    While I cannot speak for the trespassing ordinances where the cemetery you mention is located, I can say that generally it is not required that a person have to open a gate, climb through a window or over a fence or make any other such "entry" onto property for actions or presence ot be considered trespassing. It is simply a matter of whether the person has specific or implied to consent to be on the property for any reason. So technically, it sounds like if he was there and removing flags, he likely would have been trespassing. I hope he didn't get a ticket!

    But, it probably would have been best if he wanted to accomplish his goal, for him the replace each old and tattered flag with a new one as he went along--who could argue with that? I suggest he try to recruit a VFW member to help him remove and replace the old flags during the "off-season" when they are most worn and still have months to go before they will be officially replaced by the VFW.

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