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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Flag Discussion' started by scottfab, May 21, 2010.

  1. scottfab

    scottfab New Member

    I usually display my small 5ft US flag on Memorial Day.
    It flew at my high school for Bobby Kennedy 2wks for for his death
    and so it is special to me.
    I also am honored to have a 8ft US flag that was draped over a fallen soldier.
    It is also very special to me.
    My question:
    Is it ok to fly the latter of the two flags?
    And any thing special about flying it?
  2. csaanv

    csaanv Member

    I think it would be a wonderful honor to all soldiers. Flags are made for flying. You must have a huge flag pole to hoist a 8ft flag.
  3. NAVA1974

    NAVA1974 Active Member

    Donating casket flags to schools, churches, etc., for flying on their tall poles is a tremendously patriotic way to honor your deceased veteran. :)

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