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Discussion in 'US Flag Display' started by nkcsweetie, Aug 3, 2018.

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    That a very cool idea, nicely done.

    I hope that the light inside is an LED and not a halogen that gives off UV light which will fade the flag. Same goes for any fluorescent lighting in the room (if you have any, if there is any you should get a clear UV film to put over the glass).
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    Welcome BACK, NKCSweetie!

    WOWSERS !!!

    Here is a link to NCKSweetie's original posting (August, 2011) about this great, big, 34-Star Flag :


    VERY nice display box (big!) for your Flag. I agree with Mike (above) about the UV problems caused by halogen bulbs. If it's an LED light, then there shouldn't be too many problems as long as it isn't actually touching the Flag itself.

    If you think that there might be a 'problem" with the way you have your illumination set-up, perhaps you could install a "string" of low-voltage LED lights all the way around the inside perimeter of the box? They would provide a more "even" illumination of your Flag all the way around, and you'd be more likely to avoid any additional problems due to the lighting and/or light source.

    Were you able to get any advice or assistance from any museums regarding conservation methods for your Flag?

    Thank you for coming back and showing us your unique, and very interesting, solution for displaying your Flag indoors!

    Robin Hickman
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