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Discussion in 'US Flag Display' started by fonze, May 16, 2008.

  1. fonze

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    So, my house turns 150 this year and I want to display a flag from 1858 and a current flag.

    Is there etiquette for displaying 2 US flags together? Should they be the same size? I imagine they must be on separate poles, but does it matter which one is on its own right?

  2. Blueangel

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    Ye, I agree with you any more! chinablueangel
  3. Hi there fonze - welcome to USA flag site..!

    well as they are both US flags - you'd not be violating the flagcode or etiquette whatsoever by displaying the 2 flags on the same pole
    You would just hoist the 50 star flag on top and the historical one under it - and this will look best with the 2 flags being the same size as eachother

    As to which would be on its own right if displaying side by side - i would give precedence to the current flag - the 50 star flag.

    i hope that helps - any more questions or info please get in touch with us!
    if you have a picture of your set up i'd very much like to see it posted on here!

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