Dura-Lite 48 Star Flar with 2 Stars Added

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    Hello everyone!

    Love reading all of the knowledge passed around here and hope someone can help me out...

    I found a Dura-Lite nylon flag at a garage sale. It is a sewn 48 star model, but there are also 2 extra stars sewn on at the inside end of the middle 3rd & 4th rows. As far as I know, there was never a star filed designed this way, however the original owner from the garage sale said that there was a short time in 1959 that these were produced before new production of the 50 star flags came out.

    I feel like this is a tall tale told to me by an old wise guy wanting to clean out his garage, but can anyone else shed some light on this?

    Thanks much!

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    Hello Brian, and welcome to the USA Flag Forum,
    Are the two extra stars sewn in the exact same manner as the other 48? If not, then the flag was very likely updated by the owner at some point in time. The designs for the 49-star and 50-star flags were established well before July 4, 1959 and July 4, 1960, respectively, when the new flags became official. Dura Lite was a brand name used by Dettra Flags until the 1990's when they were bought out by Annin Flags. I seriously doubt that a major flagmaker like Dettra would have made 50-star flags by adding stars to existing 48's.
    It might help if you could post a pic of the flag, and maybe a close up of the stars.

    Nick A
    Columbia Maryland
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  3. brianwt108

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    Thanks for the info, Nick... pretty much what I expected, that it sounds like a tale told by the owner. Still, seems to be an interesting piece of Americana - I can see a grandma sitting in the kitchen sewing these extra stars on so they didn't have to buy another flag.

    I've attached a picture of the star field for reference.


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