Eagle on the top of the flagpole

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    I am a boy and cub scout leader....
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    Hi, Heather,

    The Eagle that sits on the top of a flagpole is known as a finial. A plain ball is another popular finial. I don't have any information about how the eagle came to be popular as a finial, but it makes sense since the eagle is our national bird that it would be added to the presentation of another national symbol. I can imagine those early flagpole designers thinking of an eagle soaring above our nation and wanting to illustrate that with an eagle on the flagpole.

    According to the U.S. Army's regulations for flags, the flagpole with the eagle finial is for the president's flag (a special flag with an eagle surrounded by 50 stars). If you look at pictures of the president speaking at podiums or White House press conferences, you'll see the eagle finials.

    That doesn't answer your question, so if anyone has heard of such a story, please share it!


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