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Discussion in 'Suggestions and Comments' started by Jessica A B, May 29, 2012.

  1. Jessica A B

    Jessica A B New Member

    Thanx for creating and running all of this.

    What's your plans for more expanding, improving, etc site and forums in the future?

    As for me would love to see more then what you have at the moment. Like other general on/off topic/s forums and sub forums that have yet to be covered on here.

    This includes having the homepage and etc being on here. As opposed to the way it is.
  2. NAVA1974

    NAVA1974 Active Member

    I have seen other forums with "Off Topic" threads, and always thought that was a little odd. If you want to discuss something that is not related to flags, why not find a forum on that topic? As a veteran member, I see nothing wrong with the current set up. To be truthful, I liked the previous set up better than the current one, so I am not a real "change agent" here. What about other members? Any recommendations for changes?

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