Fakes on eBay?

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    This flag listed on eBay
    Rare- 1800's -104th NY- Civil War Veterans 13-Star Flag - eBay (item 320425052451 end time Sep-23-09 11:39:58 PDT)
    displays the hallmarks of the "Civil War Era" fake flags that plagued eBay a few years ago until the Northern Virginia Relic Hunters Association hit eBay with a barrage of emails to enforce better policing of Civil War relics. The same shoddy stitching of the stars and rubber stamped "battle honors" were used on dozens of flags that were made less than 10 years ago and sold on eBay as authentic historic relics.


    For more info on the fake flags see this eBay buying guide and come to your own conclusions:
    eBay Guides - SAVAGE-STATION Fake Civil War Flag Spotting Guide
    I have alerted the seller to my concerns about this flag.

    Oh, while I am at it, this "Bonnie Blue Flag" is suspect, too:
    Antique Vintage Confederate Flag Bonnie Blue 1895 - eBay (item 230378275467 end time Sep-20-09 16:00:42 PDT)
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    More Fakes on eBay!

    A Banner Day for eBay fakes/reproductions. Here are 3 ebay listings that offer modern flags as authentic antiques. BEWARE:eek:

    This one is a "Bristol Special" hand made fake using stencling found on dozens of other fake flags, drum heads, etc:

    Civil War Flag TENNESSEE Rhett Artillery Confederate - eBay (item 320623807671 end time Dec-05-10 12:59:38 PST)

    This flag is a Civil War Centennial flag at the earliest. You can still purchase a similar flag at gift shops in Gettysburg, but the fabric is polyester and the stick is plastic. This eBay flag has a wood staff and finial just like those used in the 1960's. The flags fabric, printing, and stitching are all late 20th century and not Civil War period:

    36 STAR 1865-1867 AMERICAN CIVIL WAR FLAG 17" X 11 1/4" - eBay (item 150526208475 end time Dec-06-10 18:37:01 PST)

    This flag was made in the 20th century as a movie prop but the owner thinks it is an original early 19th century flag. Problem is the sewing machine wasn't used for flags until the 1860's, and the flag shown is more likely 1930's to 1960's vintage:

    AMERICAN U.S. 30 STAR FLAG pre CIVIL WAR era 19x12 feet - eBay (item 270671722083 end time Dec-05-10 18:00:19 PST)

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    Fake flag with Fake Certificate

    Apparently the collector market is beginning to recognize that there are a lot of fake flags out there, and they are demanding Certificates of Authenticity. Well, the fakers can fake those as well! :eek:

    Take a look at this listing for an Arkansas Regimental flag:
    Confederate Unit Flag - eBay (item 220710877239 end time Dec-20-10 06:49:04 PST)

    Not only does it conform in every way to the flood of fakes that appeared on eBay in the early 2000's (see Fake Flags) but it includes a Certificate of Authenticity from the Arkansas Old State House Museum. I have emailed the Museum to see if they will stand behind this certificate but I am sure of the answer - it is just as phony as the flag. The Museum website even has a picture of the REAL flag of the 6th and 7th Regiments:
    Civil War Battle Flags

    Just points out the need for collectors to know the artifacts better than those who are selling them. Read Read Read the books that cover your hobby. :cool:

    Oh, and the seller's own certificate says the flag is worth between $2200 and $4800. That proves this is a scam to steal a couple of thousand dollars: a real Hardee battle flag would auction for TEN TIMES THAT MUCH.:eek:


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