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    I've been going over the US Flag code and several resources including this forum regarding clothing made from the design elements of the flag. My research started after expressing my personal dissatisfaction with an undergarment of patriotic nature made by my employer and the following discussion with coworkers on if it violated the code for appropriate display or showing respect.
    The American Legion says that as long as clothing isn't made from an actual flag, it's ok. Having read through the code, the verbiage seems to leave the matter open to personal choice with certain exceptions. Understanding that the flag code isn't enforceable and leads with "shoulds", is this the 'correct' interpretation?
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    I just posted on another message about this same topic. I own an apparel decorating company and have printed or sewn tens-of-thousands of flags onto apparel. As long as the flag is portrayed in a respectful way I don't believe that it violates the flag code. I also receive and read many of the apparel industry trade magazines. I have never seen this topic addressed and I don't believe there is a commonly accepted industry standard.
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    There are some folks who are "purists" in the matter of U.S. Flags being displayed on items of clothing. They are strictly against it. They are very conservative regarding any use of American Flags on clothing, and other items as well. While that includes actual Flags as clothing or other items, it may also include any depiction (printed, dyed, heat transfers, embroidered, appliqued, etc.) of a Flag, or parts of a Flag, on an item of clothing or anything else.

    I think most folks, when they stop to think about it, would be against the use of an actual American Flag, or Flags, or pieces of a Flag, as an item of clothing. After all, Flags were made to be one thing, and one thing only: Flags. But... What about other depictions of an American Flag? Pictures? Decals? Embroidery? Dyed/Printed? How far can you go with it before you start irritating, aggravating, or offending folks? I don't know. I guess it's pretty much up to each individual.

    While a lot of folks might be OK with a non-flag depiction of a U.S. Flag on clothing, what would they think IF that depiction included the NAME or LOGO of a company? Once that gets included, we've gone beyond the debate about Flags on clothing and into the realm of the American Flag being used as ADVERTISING, or part of ADVERTISING.

    Yes, as a matter of fact, that really would open up a whole new "can of worms"!!!

    Oh, Well . . .

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    Eugene, Oregon, USA.
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    It's probably fine, but in poor taste. As long as it's not actually made of a flag.

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