Flag Bench Controversy

Discussion in 'Other Patriotism' started by FlagAdvocate, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. FlagAdvocate

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    Flag Bench.jpg
    This sidewalk bench has sparked considerable controversy on Facebook @americanlegionpost1833
    Hundreds of comments have been posted on their Facebook home page. Where do you "sit" on the issue?
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  2. David Wagner

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    The flag code is simply too vague to give definitive answers to situations like this. Do we go by the spirit of the code or letter of the code? I personally wouldn't take umbrage at this as I don't think this bench was painted with any intended disrespect to the flag. It is bright and cheery. I can see how others could view this differently. What is the trending opinion on Facebook?
  3. FoxValleyMike

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    Well there's your problem, you've got a tree growing thru the flag! LOL

    I think its kind of neat personally. Is it really considered a flag though with a big hole cut out of the middle of it? I wonder what everyone will think when it gets dirty later this year from the weather and people sitting on it. Is someone going to keep repainting it to make it look nice?

    Reminds me of when the Union Pacific placed large flag decals on the side of their locomotives. They looked great at first but got filthy really fast and looked terrible. Some crews went thru the effort to wipe the dirt off of them sometimes before their shift started but they were few and far between. Same problem will happen with the bench I think.

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