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Discussion in 'US Flag Display' started by EmailPoster, Jun 6, 2006.

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    I have a flag up on the wall in my shop the wall in question runs north...
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    According to Title 36, Chapter 10 of the United States Code, your display question is answered. To summarize: when displaying your flag on the wall, whether horizontally or vertically, the stars should be uppermost and to the flag's right (viewer's left). You do have it backwards, but this is a common mistake, as a flag hung outside is to be vertical with the stars pointing North or East (depending on the direction of the street). Many confuse these two codes.
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    Hey all, I'm new to the site and wish everyone well. My question is should the American Flag be nailed to the wall on the side of a store?
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    Hello, Gus -- welcome aboard!

    should the American Flag be nailed to the wall on the side of a store?

    Well, it depends. The question is whether it's done in a way that makes the flag look good. Obviously, this depends on a lot of things -- the way it's attached to the wall, the surroundings, lighting, etc. Would the average person look at it and see a proud symbol of a great nation?

    This reasoning is true of any display of the flag. I'm always irritated by people who put flags on their cars, and leave them there even when the flags have become torn and dirty. The funny thing is that those folks probably think that they're being patriotic by displaying the flag.

    Peter Ansoff

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