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    Somewhere i recall reading the following two things about flying the flag at half staff:...
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    Flag code for flying half staff

    According to the U.S. Flag Code half staff means: "the position of the flag when it is one-half the distance between the top and bottom of the staff". This would place the WHOLE flag in the center of the staff, not just the top or the bottom of the flag.

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    Dear sirs,
    I did not find on your web site ther position of the American flag when hoisted along flags of other nations.
    Brazil's flag comes always in the middle and the other flags follow in sucession in alphabetical order : right, left, right, left. The same occurs when our President gives a dinner. He sits in the middle and the guests sit in order of precedence to his right, left and so on.
  4. Hi there Christine- welcome to the site

    I am not a 'Sir' - but I'll answer your question anyway!

    In the USA - the proper etiquette for display of national flags together is the US flag to its own right - and all others to the right of that.

    In Brazil the etiquette is as you described.

    So when the Brazillian flag is flown in the USA- the USA etiquette should be followed- and when the US flag is flown in Brazil- then it would follown the Brazillia etiquette

    Hope that helps

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