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Discussion in 'US Flag Display' started by cc10911, Dec 9, 2014.

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    Here in our park in Florida we have two flag poles. I don't know why or how as the ground seems level at the point of installation and the two poles appear identical but the American flag is displayed on the left pole with the Canadian flag displayed on the right when facing the poles and the Canadian flag is higher by maybe 6" over the American flag. (nominal maybe but it is obvious) This is upsetting the Americans in the park. The poles themselves can be lowered in sections but in doing so the elevation of the American flag above the Canadian would then leave at least a 6' difference in display. I guess the only proper way to correct the problem would be to contact the flagpole company and see if they can equal the size height of both poles. Am I going down the correct path here? Any info would help and maybe settle down some turmoil here in the park. Thanks.
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    Just lower the halyard with the Canadian flag by 6 inches so that they fly at the same height.


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