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    Within the next few days I will be attending a funeral for a retired serviceman. I will be one of the paw bearers. I will be in uniform, of course. I was wondering if it is correct to salute the casket while a flag is draped over it and it is not being carried, or is it only acceptable to salute the flag while it is being carried by?

    Thank you for any help.
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    Funk, this may be too little, too late, but as a civilian working with veterans and active duty personnel alike, I have had to ask these same questions and also learned alot from observing numerous military rites. This is what I've learned and witnessed and try to incorporate into any Mission.
    Come to attention when you see the Colors, while I've read that in a group only the troop leaders are required to salute, I can guarantee you at a funeral of a comrade-in-arms EVERYONE salutes. The salute is held until the casket is set down, still at attention, then rendered again during the folding and held until the flag is passed to the presenting officer (or NCO).
    At the conclusion of services, some veterans/active servicemembers will step to and render the slow salute on their own to show their respect for their brother/sister.
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    My father is a retired Navy officer. He said he wants a flag over his caskett. Although I hope this isnt for a long time I want to be perepared. Where do i find the right style and size so I can have it on hand?
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    Hi cathy,
    Welcome if this is your first post. This is a good question. My father pass on a few years ago and I wanted a flag for him. Most, if not all funeral homes will take care of this if you ask them and at no extra charge. They will usually ask you if he was a veteran but be sure to request it if they don't. This is a veteran benefit. I am sure you can do this yourself on line if you go to the official Veterans Administration site and do a search. I suggest you let the funeral home deal with this detail as you will be consumed with other matters when the time comes. I was even able to obtain a flag for my Grandfather even years after the fact but I had to present various documents and pick up the flag from the post office myself. The standard flag used for burials is a 5' x 9'.5" all sewn cotton national ensign.

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