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    I am a Civil War reenactor. At a recent event the question was asked what to do with our flags once it started raining. We all typically bring in our flags. Does anyone know what the proper etiquette would be for the 19th century. We know modern procedure is to fly them from sunrise to sunset and bring them in for inclimate weather. Any help would be greatly apprciated.
  2. the materials and dyes used to make flags in the civil war period were different to the material and dye used today.

    i am not a material expert but am learning about the materials of flags in history and the like.....

    in the civil war period there was also no flag code and also i dont think regular citizens flew flags in the USA the same way as they do now.
    i think that started near the end of thr 1800s.
    during battles the flags that were carried would have stayed up no matter what the weather for obvious reasons!

    for today it does say in the flag code about flying flags in the rain that it shouldn't really be done but the flag code was made before we started making flags out of nylon.
    nylon holds up well to the rain and it is accceptable to fly a nylon flag in the rain. it just like cotton and other fabrics that dont hold out well in the rain

    the dyes of flags in the 1800s may not have stayed in as much - more likely to run in the rain wheras flags today are made with better dye.

    so in answer to your question - as there was no flag code in the 1800s there would have been no uniform way of the treatment of flags but certainly during battle they would have stayed up.
    if your flags you use are nylon then i see no rpoblem to fly them in the rain..
    if they are cotton or cheap chinese polyester (or other non waterproof fabric) then i would carry on bringing them in when it rains.
    i dont know how easy it is to get hold of a nylon confederate battle flag (rebel flag) im looking out for one of those for myself anyway!! but if your US flag is nylon and the confederate flags are not i would bring all of them in if your doing a reenactment

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