Flag for Veterans Day and Armistice day in Paris 2013-11-11

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    I'm about to celebrate veterans day and Armistice day at the American Cementery of Suresnes in Paris. I know there is memorial day for that but I consider November 11th as an important date for Europe and for every country involved in the war. As there are no Canadian memorials nor cemeteries nearby, except at Vimy up in the north, in honour of the battle of Vimy ridge which took place in 1917, I considered celebrating veterans day or Armistice day as a Canadian citizen but unfortunatly not as an American one. I really wish to do something either for my country, or for our great neighbours who have fought so hard.

    My deepest concern is about the flag. At first, it was supposed to be the Canadian national flag to be brought to the cementery, but this time it turns out to be the American one. Having read the laws relating to the flag of the United States of America, I could not find my answer. So here's my question guys.

    Could a non-us citizen and even a non-military official, hold the American flag with respect and honour, following the laws and procedures as to commemorate the sacrifices of American and Canadian soldiers during World War I ?


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