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Discussion in 'Half Mast / Half Staff' started by EmailPoster, Jun 6, 2006.

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    I was looking for a way to get an e-mail if we are supposed to fly the flag at...
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    Hi Jay,

    Thanks for you question about getting a notification of orders on flying the flag at half staff.

    We currently have our programmer looking into this. So many people are interested in flying the US Flag properly that it would make sense to have a central database here that would let you know when you should fly your flag at half staff.

    Please check back with us in a few weeks for an update.
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    Has the administrator posted a solution to Jays question concerning notifying this forum (or the general public) on when to fly Old Glory at half-staff?
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    I was curious about this as well. My co-workers and I were trying to find when we are supposed to fly the flag at half-staff and came across your site. I would love to be notified by email if and when the flag should be at half-staff. Has anyone found a solution to this?
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  6. Is it correct to fly the flag at half staff on Dec. 7 "Pearl Harbor Day" I have never heard of it but would like to know.
  7. i am also looking for half mast notification
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    My sister & I (& almost everyone else we know) has been trying to figure this out since the day Paul Newman died--all the flags from Washington State through Oregon were at half staff that day. We don't think it was because of Paul Newman, but everyone on the train I was on was joking that it must have been because nothing else had happened.
    I've done some research and have found that there are very specific rules for when the flag is flown at half staff. We cannot decide to do it on our own. I did find a site that offers notification:
    American Flags Express | Half Staff Proclamations
    I've only just signed up for it, so I don't know how well it works.
    I'm so surprised to find that this is such a "hot topic"!
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    Here is a a site I found that is dedicated to half staff flags. They have a calander as well as a place to sign up for email notifications. Or it looks as though American Flagpole will send emails as well.:)
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    Re: Flag half-staff /another question

    Here is one more question .............No other flag should be flown above our nations right? I have 3 flags I fly on 3 poles, Our nations flag, POW flag, and my USMarines flag. When we lower our nations flag to half mast should I lower the other flags also?. Or should I just remove them ? Shortly we will have the same problem at the AM Legion. At my home the 2 outside poles are taller than the center pole. The flag positions are USA to left, POW center and Marines right. This way the national flag is on its OWN right. The new poles at the Legion will have the center pole as the high pole. In both these cases when we 1/2 mast the national flag it is lower than the other flags. I would love to have an e-mail answer to this one. Thanx
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    Re: Flag half-staff /another question

    That is correct that no other flag be flown above the US flag. They either need to be at half staff, or not flown.

    American Flags Flagpoles Religious Military Historical Flags has a state specific half staff e-mail notification. Works well here in Kansas.

    What I'd like to find is an app for a smart phone, or a notification that is sent via text. Anyone know of one?

    Thank you...
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